Holiday Reading

As usual on holiday, I spent a vast amount of time with my nose in a book, so I thought I’d share some mini reviews of the books I read while I was away.

1. Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Jill Mansell


Feel-good chick lit, an enjoyable and entertaining story about the inhabitants of a picturesque village in the Cotswolds.  Very easy reading, and a pleasant change from all the psychological thrillers I seem to read these days.

2.   The Game – Amanda Prowse


This was my first experience of this author’s writing, and was a short story about a teenage girl who goes missing, and her family’s attempts to find her.  I found it quite engaging, though shorter than I’d anticipated, and I am looking forward to trying some of her longer novels soon.

3.   Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn


I’ve had this novel by the author of Gone Girl on my Kindle for ages, so it was about time I got round to reading it.  It was very dark – covering such subjects as self-harm and child murder, it was never going to be a light read – but I did enjoy it, even though I guessed the ‘twist’ well before the end.  The characters were very believable and well written, I thought.

4.   The Lie – C L Taylor


Having read and loved The Accident by the same author earlier this year, I was really excited to start this book – and it didn’t disappoint.  I love reading books with a travel element to them, and this is the story of four close female friends who travel to Nepal together for the holiday of a lifetime. All is not as it seems, however, when they arrive at a yoga retreat halfway up a mountain, and things start to go wrong.  It was an absolute page-turner and a really interesting insight into the twists and turns of female friendship.  Highly recommended.

5.   War & Piste – Alex Thomas


This was a bit of light relief, and great fun to read.  It’s the memoirs of a ski resort rep in the Austrian alps.  Some great laugh out loud moments, as well as a bit of a love story and general feel-good entertainment.  It reminded me of my days on the cruise liners.

6.   Daughter – Jane Shemilt


Weirdly, this was the second book I read on holiday about a missing teenage girl.  The central character is Jenny, a busy GP and mother of three teenagers.  When her 15 year old daughter goes missing, her life starts to unravel around her and she discovers that nothing is as she thought it was.  It’s a ‘timehop’ book, written in both the past and the present, and I really enjoyed the ‘past’ parts, but not so much the present.  I was quite convinced that the ending was going to leave me disappointed, but it actually quite surprised me, and I thought it was a good finish.

Have you read anything good lately?


13 thoughts on “Holiday Reading

  1. I completely lost my reading mojo on holiday,instead of reading as would normally do spent time talking,as with son living away from home it was nice just to savour the moment and enjoy his company and good to be a family of four again he is definately the missing link lol.Also he had treated himself to a Gopro camera so that kept us all busy.However giving up on the books i had taken with me, i chose one off the hotel bookshelf ,Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, a very dark read especially when on holiday but it had me gripped from page one ,I have Gone Girl in my pile to be read ,one of those thats been there ages!Dark places really surprised me with the twist at the end .
    I have just read Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberley McCreight, a single mum and lawyer gets a call from her daughters prep school to say Amelia has been suspended ,but by the time she gets there Amelia is dead ,presumably took her own life by jumping off the roof !Then Kate gets an anonymous text Amelia Didnt Jump.The story is then told betwen Kate and Amelia,one in the
    present and one in the past,coincidence the front cover blurb compares it with Gone girl ! I Also have Daughter to read but reading The Villa by Rosanna Ley at the moment ,i read Return to Mandalay by same author and enjoyed it so playing catch up with her previous books .

  2. I’d love to get through that many books on holiday, but I find myself getting a bit distracted by ‘people watching’! I like the sound of some of your books, so they will go on my list. I have just finished reading Us, by David Nicholls, which I quite enjoyed, but wouldn’t say it was a must read. I’m now on another Alexander McCall Smith book, Unusual Uses for Olive Oil, and it is a light, enjoyable read as always. After that I will be re-reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, because I remember thinking after I finished reading it the first time that I really wanted to go and visit Rome to see all the places featured in the book. Now we have booked a weekend in Rome for the autumn, so I need to remind myself what I wanted to see!

  3. I really liked Sharp Objects too, it handled the subject matter pretty well I thought. Like you I read The Accident a couple of months ago and want to read The Lie! Currently reading The Casual Vacancy though. Just too many books x

  4. I just finished ‘Daughter’ which I really really enjoyed – I liked her talking of the GP issues too as well as all the family parts. I actually didn’t like the ending that much – it surprised me but I felt a bit let down if that makes sense? I just got the new Jenny Eclair book – have you read anything by her fiction wise? Really very funny – I am so looking forward to reading the new one!

    • I know what you mean about the ending of Daughter – I think I was just worried that there wasn’t going to be any ‘closure’ , so I was relieved when there was. Don’t think I’ve ever read any Jenny Eclair – I’m not really big on comic novels, but my friend Glynis raves about her books.

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