Sunday Car Booty #9

I shall be lying on my sunbed as you watch this, it’s last Sunday’s car boot sale haul.  I needed to get my pre-holiday second hand shopping fix in before I went on my hols!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty #9

  1. Another amazing haul there! Your car boots are so cheap, I’ve found a local one but they want a lot for their stuff and all the clothing I picked up had damage of some sort, not good. Came home with some nice plants though, they are always cheap at a boot sale!

    • Yep, plants do seem to be cheap. Also eggs, although you can never rely on the ‘egg man’ being there, so more often than not, I’m already fully stocked when I see him!

  2. Yes I agree with Claire, here in the South East the prices are a lot higher. Can’t believe how little you pay for decent shoes. Hope you have a great holiday. x

  3. Hi Caroline hope you’re having a glorious time! May I ask an ebay question? I’ve bought things at the car boot/charity shop with a view to selling but I never know how best to do it – Buy It Now or auction? A few things haven’t even been worth the effort at auction and others romp away. I’m finding my supposedly “fun” hobby quite stressful! Any advice? (hope I’m not being intrusive).

    • Hi Dee – it depends very much on the items. I would go into ‘advanced search’ and look at completed listings for similar items to get a feel for the best way to sell. HOpe that helps, Caroline x

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