Journal Jar Q54. What Do You Remember About Your First Ever Trip to London?


Honestly? I don’t have any recollection whatsoever of my ‘first’ trip to London. But I do remember trips to London as a child to visit my Dad at his office.

We used to go on the train – it was the days when there was a corridor running along one side of the train and little compartments off the corridor – from Bournemouth to Waterloo.

I remember going to see various shows – Annie being one I loved, and Starlight Express being one that none of us much enjoyed.

I remember Alice, who was the cleaner / tea lady (?) at my Dad’s office – a real cockney who would always make a big fuss of me and my brother.

I remember going to visit an elderly and eccentric friend of my Dad’s (Uncle Clifford) who lived in a beautiful mews house off St Martin’s Lane and did magic tricks for us. (Wow, the power of Google – despite not remembering the name of the mews he lived in, I’ve just found a photo of the very place on t’internet!   Amazeballs).


I remember going to the first ever McDonalds and it being hugely busy, and loving the strawberry milkshake.

But weirdly, I don’t remember the first time I saw any of the sights at all. Strange what we remember and what we forget, isn’t it?


12 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q54. What Do You Remember About Your First Ever Trip to London?

  1. I’m sure my first visit to London was with my nan and uncle and they took me to Hamleys. I can remember they had a small pool where you could fish for this electronic fish things! My mum was always taking us into London to see the sites but it’s very much a jumble of memories!

    Victoria x

  2. I was born and grew up in London, so first trip doesn’t really apply to me. What I will say though is that, as per many people who don’t visit what is on their doorstep, I can’t remember visiting any of the main sights – until after moving out of London!

    • You’re so right – people often wax lyrical to me about things in Devon, where I live, and I haven’t visited half of them! Really must get round to doing so 🙂

  3. Our first trip to London was about 1973 and it was love at first sight, it was everything I thought it would be and more. Have been there many times since.

    • Hi Janet – thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. London is a fabulous city, isn’t it? There is still so much I want to see and do there 🙂

  4. I would live to live there too! I have only been to London once and it was many years ago,it is funny what sticks in our minds, sights and smells and the memories are so unique,great topic X Dawn

  5. Like you all the early trips merge and I couldn’t pick out a “first”. I remember the train journey with compartment trains and the old, now demolished station. I remember lots of trips to the a natural history museum which was a favourite – my Mum used to sit with a book while I (aged 8 or so?) explored the museum filling in “explorers” worksheets. The other vivid memory is a mixture of fear and excitement waiting for trains on the underground – the distant rumble followed by the terrifying roar as the train shot out of the tunnel.

    • I loved taking my son to the museums for the first time, particularly the Science Museum, but don’t remember ever going to them as a child. Must ask my parents whether or not we went!

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