Vlog: Holiday Packing & Preparation: Days 5 & 6

Here’s the final part of my holiday preparations series.  Hope you enjoy it.

To all my readers who like to read rather than watch, my apologies that this week has been very video-heavy; I’m off on my hols to Greece tomorrow, but I have scheduled several written posts while I’m away, so I hope you enjoy those.


19 thoughts on “Vlog: Holiday Packing & Preparation: Days 5 & 6

  1. As a reader of your blog for several years, I have always loved your posts but I must say that your vlogging has added a whole new dimension – they are so lovely and chatty, not rambling at all! It’s nice to sit down with a cup of coffee, a bit like I was joining you for a cup, and listen to what’s been going on during your day, what tips you have to share, or what things you are planned. I hope you have a fabulous time in Greece and vlog a little while you’re there! Bon Voyage.

  2. I too love your vlogs, so no need to apologise. I think squozen should definitely be a word lol! Your hair does indeed look better, not that I thought it looked bad before.
    Wish I was coming on holiday with you. I’m off for the next couple of weeks and I’m only small – so I’m sure I could squeeze inside your case!!!

  3. I have really enjoyed your holiday packing vlog series, I love the chatty style,you are a natural in front of the camera,thank you for inviting us into your home and family life,enjoy your holiday in Greece I look forwardd to hearing all about it and seeing g the pics,have a safe journey X Dawn

  4. Hi Caroline! I’m quite a newbie to your blog and I love it! This week I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with a cuppa and catching up with you – its been something I’ve looked forward to each day after work and as someone has previously mentioned, its like sitting down with a friend for a chat!
    I love your car boot finds and charity shop hauls, I’m a fellow magpie and love a rummage for treasure. Looking forward to your finds tomorrow. Have a great holiday.

    • Hi Dee – thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I’m so glad you enjoy the vlogs, it’s lovely to get some feedback from viewers. I absolutely love making them, like you say, I feel as though I’m sitting down for a cuppa and a chat with friends. I had a great haul at this morning’s bootsale, the video is uploading onto YouTube as I type this, so it should be viewable later on this morning. Some fab bargains! 🙂

  5. Have a fabulous time. You seem to have everything under control except the weather which I’m sure won’t let you down. Come back refreshed and share all your travel adventures with us.

  6. Have a wonderful holiday! What a (an?) historic time to visit Greece! I really look forward to hearing about your trip. Loved your week of vlogs. I’ve said it before, it’s so much like having a friend pop in for a quick visit.

    Safe travels!

  7. Hi Caroline,
    I laughed during the squozen pimple part. Have had the same problem. You can sterilize a pin then stick it into the pimple. May have to jab it a couple of times but then if you can push from the outside it should help it drain. May be too late for this time and you may not want to try for the first time while going on holiday. Did I really just give you that advice! 🙂
    My daughter was on Santorini for 6 weeks during her Uni spring break. Working at a hostel for room and breakfast and the experience of Santorini! The couple liked her so much, at the end they paid her and bought her a beautiful handmade bracelet. So her third year Uni in Germany on exchange has been fun and studying and travel….definitely travelled . I visited her in Germany in May .She comes home to Canada in about 37 days… 🙂 Now I am rambling …….LOL So enjoy Greece , hope you have no currency issues. Hope your suitcase makes the allotted weight . Cannot wait to read and see about your trip. I love your vlogs much more personal and saving your blog and the Canadian one I sent you in a previous post for last is the best part of checking my email.

    • Thank you, Lisa – so lovely to get positive feedback about my vlogs. I absolutely love making them. I’ve never been to Santorini, but would love to go – have a feeling that is the island where the filmed Mamma Mia, maybe? Sounds like your daughter has been lucky enough to see a lot of the world – how lovely for her to have the opportunity to study in Germany. ‘See’ you again soon x

      • Caroline, hope you are enjoying your trip. Santorini I know is where they filmed part of The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants series. Which I only know because my daughter fell in love with it from the first movie when she was 11. So has been wanting to go since then Also Paris since she was 5 and we moved to England. Got to Paris this spring. I am rambling again. 🙂 Enjoy the sunshine.


      • Hi Lisa – we had a fabulous time, thank you. But nice to be home again as well, I certainly feel well rested and ready to begin work again, which is a good feeling. x

  8. Hi Caroline ,hope you are having an amazing holiday,i’m just back from our holiday in Ibiza,which was fabulous including temperatures in the forties !Scorchio and then back home to downpours every day,playing havoc with gettting 101 loads of laundry dry !
    I’ve been watching and enjoying immensely your holiday packing and preparation vlogs,laughing as i had done more or less exactly the same preparing for mine the week before and guess what it was so hot that all my different jewellery just stayed in the bag ,same with different nail polish,i just kept to the one colour,makeup was kept to a minimum,,as after having a shower,drying hair etc i was wilting due to air conditioning. in room being not the best .I took the number 7 wipes and Clarins Hydra Quench moisturiser travel size as well .
    Usually we stay in a villa but this year chose a hotel,which apart from ropey air con was outstanding,but its the first holiday ive returned from and not read a book ,or listened to my i pod,think being with the kids kept me busy plus the hotel had mainly Italian and Spanish ,so i spent a lot of time people watching lol. I had an encounter with a lovely elderly Spanish man,who spoke rapid spanish to me,and insisted on rubbing my knee with aloe vera in natural plant form,(should explain he had knee problems and used a walking stick ,and due to an ongoing knee injury,i very reluctantly had to use one so i suppose we were two of a kind lol ) He then took me to the gardens and cut me a leaf off the aloe vera plant with the gel inside so soothing,all the time chattering away .Next day we were sitting round the pool and my son said “mum here is your mate ” there he was again this time with an aloe vera and arnica roll on ,again without asking he rolled it on my knee,such a kind gesture,if a little unexpected ,just funny as i think he thought i understood every word he said !Sorry for rambling on,looking forward to your holiday vlogs .

    • Bless the old man, so sweet! Did the aloe vera do any good? Glad you had a good hol, blue skies and sunshine just makes everything feel so much better, doesn’t it?

  9. Hi Caroline,yes the aloe vera had a very soothing effect,and like you say blue skies and sunshine make you feel better.I think this was one of our best holidays ,lovely with son and daughter to share it with ,especially with son living in Maidenhead ,just nice all being together .Hope you enjoyed your holiday,looking forward to your holiday vlog.! Did the situation in Greece with the euro have any effect ?

    • We were in a big resort, so we didn’t really notice any effect, but from what our friends and some of the staff told us, the people were incredibly worried about what would happen. Holiday vlog on the way, have been car booting this morning, so am just finishing that video off now.

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