Vlog: Holiday Packing & Preparation – Day 4


8 thoughts on “Vlog: Holiday Packing & Preparation – Day 4

  1. Golly, it was absolutely chucking it down while you were out running errands. Hope you didn’t get too wet. It’s times like that when I appreciate the underground garage at our supermarket. So glad you got your camera back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen brush-on nail glue so I will be looking for that – I’ve been resorting to super-glue spread with a toothpick!

    • The restaurant phoned me to tell me I’d left it, which was really nice of them – probably wouldn’t have realised until halfway through the following day, otherwise! Brush on nail glue is brilliant – a lifesaver!

  2. Love your vlogs Caroline, always informative, I can’t believe how organised you are! We MUST meet up with Claire and maybe some of the children in the summer holidays. Hope you have a fabulous holiday! Xxx

  3. Great vlog,I love the chatty style,goodness you did have some rain,so did we but later in the day, glad you got your camera back,look forward to the next installment 🙂 Dawn X

    • Thank you, Dawn – glad you’re enjoying them. The weather’s been very odd this week, all in all – fingers crossed for wall to wall sunshine for 12 days in Greece!

    • I think we had the whole of Europe’s share of rain that morning – it absolutely chucked it down for hours!! Mind you, the grass is now greener than it was before, so every cloud and all that! x

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