Vlog: Holiday Packing & Preparation – Day 3


5 thoughts on “Vlog: Holiday Packing & Preparation – Day 3

  1. Watched whilst getting ready to go out for lunch,we haven’t had a storm yet but one is on the cards it is so humid. Netflix the American version! I have to look that up as lots of things I wanted to watch isn’t on the UK version, I am going to Google how to get it when I get back, I have been ruthless and am taking 4 pairs is dschoes on holiday plus the ones I travel in,my suitcase is one of those lightest ones it weighs under 3kg we fly with jet 2 and get 25 kg plus 10 kg hand luggage I spit the clothes between cases john takes less than me but I do it just in case I suitcase gets mislaid or delayed. Looking forward to the next installment, YouTube is so much better than tv! have a great day x Dawn

  2. I like your curly do! I have the exact opposite hair situation. Mine is so board straight, that if I try to do anything with it, the first step out into the humidity completely undoes all my work. I just realized that my comment yesterday plus this one makes it sound absolutely useless to fiddle with hair or makeup at my house. LOL

    • You certainly have some pretty hot weather where you live, Kathleen – not sure I’d cope very well. I love the heat when I’m on holiday, but for everyday life, I think it might become a bit wearing.

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