Vlog: Holiday Packing & Preparations – Day 2

As requested after yesterday’s vlog , here’s a copy of my Holiday Packing List.  I think if you click on the link to open it, it will download a copy and you can pick it up from the bottom left hand corner of this window.  Any problems, let me know.

holiday packing list


11 thoughts on “Vlog: Holiday Packing & Preparations – Day 2

  1. Yeah day 2, I need to get some bb cream and am going to try the matt one, I have dry skin but in the warm weather I have a lot of shine due to hot flushes, I usually have the Simple Bb cream from the bodycare shop but it melts in the heat.I like dry shampoo and haven’t tried the cherry either,If I am refreshing my make up and hair in the afternoon I always give my hair a quick spritz of dry shampoo. I liked your outfit and it’s nice to know that you leave the kitchen until the next morning as I do that too,no excuses, just because! looking forward to day 3 x Dawn

  2. Since we routinely have 100plus F days, makeup melts off the minute one steps out of air conditioning. I started using the mineral makeups when they became popular, and an unexpected benefit was that they are much longer lasting in our heat.

    • I tried mineral make-up a few years ago but didn’t get on very well with it – maybe I should give it another whirl – particularly if this hot weather continues!

  3. So glad to hear your perfect life is restored! I use No. 7 Beautiful Skin products – I tried the cleanser you picked up but found it a bit too gel-ly (I know that’s not a word) so I switched to the (still No. 7 Beautiful Skin) Cleansing Balm which I prefer as it is creamy. Speaking of the balm, I’m just about to cut open the tube (thank you for the tip) to scrape out the last so I need to buy a new one. Sophia is coming home this afternoon so we’re off to Sephora tomorrow. I’m going to pick up a BB product and a primer too as things are moving along on the work front and it’s dreadfully hot here as well so I’ve got to have some shine-free make ready to go.

  4. Oh thank goodness you’ve cleaned the cooker, I came on here to see your perfect life and there’s just last night’s tea all over the place!! 😉 Great outfit btw, love the colour of those jeans on you, and your floaty top is so pretty!

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