Vlog: Holiday Preparation Packing Week – Day 1


7 thoughts on “Vlog: Holiday Preparation Packing Week – Day 1

  1. Just poured myself a second cup of coffee and what did I find – a lovely new vlog to enjoy with it. Great prep – please add the packing list to your blog, it looks very comprehensive. What is the credit/debit card you mentioned, the one you can load with money and then use while you are abroad? Looking forward to a week of great posts – I’m just about as excited about your holiday as you are!

    • Hi Pamela – I’ll add the holiday packing list to tomorrow morning’s post. The card looks like a normal credit card, but it’s a kind of ‘safer’ way of carrying foreign currency. When you go to buy foreign currency, you get the money loaded onto the card (in whatever the currency is for the place you’re visiting), rather than getting cash. You can then use it to pay anywhere that accepts credit cards (I think it’s a Mastercard from memory). You can also use it to get the cash from ATM, it comes with a PIN number. I’m not sure if it’s a newish thing, but we first got one when we exchanged sterling for Dubai money (rials? can’t remember, shamefully) in the airport there last year.

  2. Great vlog,I don’t travel until September and I am all organised even know what I am wearing to travel and was thinking if doing a vlog about it, I love these types of vlogs because you get some great ideas so can’t wait for day 2 B-)

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