Journal Jar Q66: Tell Something About Your Child – Their Personality, Talents, Traits – What Makes Them Different & Special?

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As you know I have one child, William, who was 15 in February. The teenage years, as I often mention in my blog, are proving quite hard work, a little frustrating and sometimes, frankly, a bit of an uphill struggle.

As he turns from a child into a young man, however, Will is making me very proud. He has always taken after his father in many ways – looks, characteristics, his favourite subjects at school, a lot of his world view – but I love that he has my sense of humour – we laugh like drains at exactly the same strange things

He had a bad term at school last autumn, lost his focus and let things slide, but has really turned things around since then, and is getting some great results to show for the hard work he’s putting in.

He’s kind – he often spends time with Ashley’s mother, which I know he finds a bit boring – but he is aware that she is sometimes lonely and appreciates his visits.

William is definitely going to be a man’s man – his interests lie in such things as chemistry, computers and engines. He loves to take stuff apart and put it back together. He is fascinated by how things work.

One thing that he and I share, though, is a love of films, and now he’s of an age, I’ve started to share some of my favourite films with him – we watched Shawshank Redemption a few weekends ago, and I’m pleased to say he loved it as much as I do.

As for the latter part of the question – what makes him different and special? Well, the fact he is my child, obviously. As any parent will no doubt tell you about their own offspring!


9 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q66: Tell Something About Your Child – Their Personality, Talents, Traits – What Makes Them Different & Special?

  1. Such a heart warming post Caroline 🙂 I have the teenage years to look forward to with my daughter, hoping it’s not too bumpy a journey!! Sounds likeyou’re a very proud mama X

  2. Great post,I remember those teenage years well,I always say appreciate every minute with your child because you blink and they are teenagers who are sleeping,eating or making a mess! X

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