Favourites: May & June 2015

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week – just haven’t really had the time, if I’m honest.  I did manage to film my first ‘favourites’ video for six months, though, so here’s a little trip through some of my current favourites things, from beauty products to books to TV.



15 thoughts on “Favourites: May & June 2015

  1. A lovely start to my Saturday morning – your chatty Favorites vlog. I like the sound of that perfume, must see if it’s available here. What is a BB cream? I’ve heard you use the term before but I’m not sure about the initials BB. Also, do I remember correctly that you do not like the sponge applicators for eye shadows? Do you use a brush or a cotton disposable swab-type applicator? Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

    • BB is ‘Beauty Balm’, effectively it’s another name for a tinted moisturiser, in my opinion! Lighter coverage than a foundation, generally speaking, with a skincare element as well. I use brushes for eyeshadow, my current favourites are Sigma brushes, which are good value for money. Sometimes fingers as well, which are even better value LOL! Have a great Sunday, Pamela! 🙂

  2. As soon as vlog ended I went straight to Amazon to check on the Bronze Goddess scent and The Missing One book before I forgot the names. 🙂 Like Pamela, I am wondering what a BB cream is exactly. The eye shadows had incredible color saturation for the price!

    Oh, and I have to tell you how my eye kept being drawn to your crocheted afghan on the back of your sofa. It turned out beautifully.

    • I think that afghan is my favourite thing I’ve crocheted – I never get tired of looking at it, and I LOVE the colour combo. I am going to start listing the products/books etc I talk about in the description box on the videos, as I often find that useful when watching other people’s videos. Have a lovely Sunday, Kathleen 🙂

  3. Hi Caroline,Jen has the Bronze Goddess perfume it is a lovely summer scent,but did you know that as well as only being able to buy it in the summer months ,every year they change the scent slightly! You say that you can smell melon well jens is a couple of years old i think and that scent is coconut .I used to like CK Summer and that was the same a different edition every year .
    Your book club seems a success ,thats good , i was shopping in Sainsburys and picked up The silent sister ready for my holiday next week,ive never read any Diane Chamberlain,the back cover blurb drew me in ,also bought off Amazon The paradise Guest House so thats me sorted,have you chose your holiday reads yet ?

    • Mmm, coconut, that sounds good. Loved The Paradise Guest House, really good holiday book, that one. I have 154 unread books on my Kindle(!), so quite a good choice there for my hols! Have a fabulous time in Ibiza, Lynn x

  4. Thanks Caroline,we go next saturday so on the countdown now,can’t wait.Will be happy once we are on the plane,as we are flying from Birmingham with Thompson,we have already booked in on line and got boarding passes etc so it should be easier,but my neighbours travelled to Italy with Thompson from B’ham last week and they said the dropping of cases off was chaotic.They were the obligatory two hours before ,and were queuing right up to the final call,as there were six Thompson flights going through one central checking in desk !crazy!They travelled on a week day as well .
    You have your own mobile library there Caroline,i’m as bad with unread books only mine are on bookcases ,im one of these who like to read from an actual book .but think i maybe should consider a kindle x

  5. I’ve just spotted this – you’ve made my night!! Another Mrs M video to watch and the house is deadly quiet… peace at last!! My luck is in tonight eh?! lol X

  6. Firstly I love the painting above your fireplace! I’ve never tried a BB cream, but am tempted with the Rimmel one based on your recommendation. Those pallettes are amazing value.

    • Thank you! The painting is by a Cornish artist called Rebecca Lardner. Do try the Rimmel BB – it’s great value for the quality, and lasts really well, too. x

  7. Will have a look at the BB cream. But it may not have as much coverage as I need hence using CC cream however as mine is Clinique it is horrendously expensive. Will look out for the eye shadows too. I love the bright colours but at my advanced age I would look like a painted clown. So do go for the neutral or light pink or bronze/gold shades.

    We have been watching some good TV lately especially the new Swedish drama Jordscott on ITV Encore. Still missing GOT though but Falling Skies is back next week.

    • I think you’d be surprised at the Rimmel BB, honestly – it’s almost like foundation level coverage, but in a more easy to blend formula which feels kinder to skin. It’s a pretty good alternative to my holy grail Dior foundation, and no comparison pricewise!!

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