50 Before 50 Update

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Introduction to 50 Before 50 Video

The 50 Before 50 List

Kiva website

Giving Blood blog post


8 thoughts on “50 Before 50 Update

  1. “My list, my rules, whatever” – love it! I have a friend who uses the phrase “Not my circus, not my monkeys” when she’s frustrated with something she can’t control. I love this 50 Before 50 idea. I toyed with the idea of 60 Before 60 but since I’ve only got 4 1/2 years left (can I really be getting THAT old as I certainly don’t feel almost ready for an OAP Bus Pass), it might be a bit unrealistic especially since I’ve still got a Day Zero List sitting out there still to complete. And I just started a Bucket List but I love lists. As you said, “My list (or lists in my case), my rules, whatever”!

    • I too had a Day Zero list which I lost interest in! This one feels more ‘doable’ somehow – maybe because it’s shorter and populated mostly with things I enjoy, which aren’t too arduous!

  2. Looks like you are making good progress with this Caroline and having fun as well. The birthday day out with your friend is a really good idea ,think i may do that,also trying new restaurants ,like you say we are all guilty of returning to our favourites,but who knows a future favourite could be out there just waiting to be found.
    i was searching in your archives earlier for your holiday packing list i remembered reading some time ago ,particularly the clothes list!I had already done the mammoth trying on and selected items ,then my daughter commented,”mum we are only going for a week not a month ” im so bad at taking too much stuff,just in case ,excuse the pun !I’m determined to reduce it ,so wish me luck ive got my guidelines now lol ,a dress has gone back in the wardrobe as like you im not a dress person think i took it last year and never wore it so that was an easy choice its leaving out tops but im going to do the must match three other items rule.
    Caroline you travel a lot,do you have normal suitcases or do you have these mega lightweight ones ? i am very tempted to buy new lightweight ones as ours are heavy to start with just cant decide if they survive the airport baggage handlers ,have an image in my head of clothes bursting out all over the carousel !

    • I couldn’t live without my holiday packing list! Like you, I’m a bit sceptical of the lightweight suitcases. Our cases are good quality Antler ones which we’ve had for years. But they’re coming to the end of their lives now, and we’ve been vaguely looking for new ones for over a year. Not found anything yet. I do think it’s worth spending a bit more for good quality luggage, when you see how it’s chucked about by baggage handlers at airports, it definitely makes sense. We have one smallish cheapy suitcase which we bought last year as we needed an extra one pretty quickly, and after only one trip, you can see the wear and damage on it. I doubt it’ll last more than a couple more holidays at most. The downside of better quality luggage, as you say, is the weight, and now the airlines are so mean with baggage allowances it can be quite tricky. I’ve just done a massive online clothes shop for our holiday in three weeks, am now awaiting its arrival for a huge trying-on session. I don’t doubt most of it will be going back – as per usual!

  3. Thanks for your opinion Caroline,i think im going to just make do with our existing cases for this holiday,as we go away in just over a week so think it would probably be buying in a rush and regretting it later ! Keep meaning to ask you if your x-ray went ok and good luck with the cholesterol check x

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