Spare Bedroom Redecoration: Before & After

When we moved into this house in January 2015, the spare bedroom was the first room we tackled.  It was possibly the worst room in terms of rocking a ‘mid-Eighties nursing home’ vibe, so we decided it was a good place to start!

This is what it looked like before we moved in …

IMG_2563These pics don’t give you the full idea, but at each end of the room there are strange jutty out built-in lighting boxes with horrible buzzing striplights in them, and the basin is set at a level suited to a dwarf.   The tarnished gold light fittings and curtain rails also had to go.
The built-in furniture is definitely not to our taste, but we decided after a bit of discussion to keep it for the moment, partially to keep costs down and partially because we thought if we sorted the rest of the room out, it wouldn’t look too awful.   We also kept the old carpet which was in good condition and neutral in terms of colour.
So, here’s what it looks like now …
Photo 09-06-2015 10 46 36
The bed is from our old house, and will eventually be moved to our new spare bedroom (once that’s morphed from an entrance hall to a fourth bedroom, as we have other oak pieces of furniture which it originally went with.   The mirrored bedside cabinets were an eBay buy.
Photo 09-06-2015 10 47 20
The curtains were from our bedroom at the old house, and we replaced the gold curtain rail with a chrome one.  For some reason the built-in furniture looks very yellow in this pic (it was a nightmare to photograph this room lighting-wise) – it’s actually more of a pale cream in real life.
We replaced the strangely low basin with a modern counter-top one, and tiled the countertop with dark grey tiles for a more contemporary feel than the formica which was there before.  The rug came from Trago Mills, a local discount store.
My favourite things in the bedroom?
Firstly, the lighting, for which I searched long and hard and eventually bought online (can’t remember where, but a lighting specialist).
Photo 09-06-2015 10 47 39
Photo 09-06-2015 10 47 51
And I also love the purple retro chair, which was an absolute steal on eBay only a couple of weeks ago.  In fact, I loved it so much that I immediately bought another one in mustard yellow, for William’s room, which is next on the list for decoration.
Photo 09-06-2015 10 48 23

24 thoughts on “Spare Bedroom Redecoration: Before & After

  1. Ooh, lovely! I adore purple but am having to sell off my curtains and matching cushions/throws as they just don’t go in our old cottage now. It looks very smart in your more contemporary home though, and the retro chair is fabulously groovy!

    • That’s the trouble with moving to a different style of house, isn’t it? A lot of your things just don’t suit it. We have quite a lot of furniture that just isn’t any good for this house at all, annoyingly.

  2. Caroline it’s absolutely gorgeous! I adore that shade of purple, very chic – like a boutique hotel. I’m sure your guests will absolutely love staying in it! I want to go redecorate my room now lol Karen x

  3. Love it! I also laughed at the before description! If it makes you feel any better I once got a whole bathroom tiled based on a $6.99 towel I bought!

  4. Love everything about this bedroom Caroline,especially the colour scheme.I really like purple,in fact some years ago we had a purple bedroom,well the carpet was purple with lilac and greys in bed linen ,pictures etc.Love the lighting and chair,its amazing how you have used previous items plus new and e bay finds and its all come together perfect result !

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