Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts


  1. Our 19th Wedding Anniversary

Photo 02-06-2015 07 09 18

This fell on Tuesday, and Ashley woke me up with a cup of tea, a magnum of Moet and a huge bunch of lilies. Before you all think how wonderful he is, though, I should probably tell you that later that day, Will told me that when Ashley had arrived home from work the previous evening (I was out at work), Will asked him if he’d remembered it was our anniversary the following day, which he hadn’t, so he had to hotfoot it back out again to do a quick bit of shopping!!

  1. Will’s Roaccutane Journey

I’ve asked Will if he’s happy for me to write about this and show the photos, and he said it was fine. He has had bad acne since he was about 12, and after years of antibiotics and a fortune spent on skincare products and supplements, none of which did any good, we finally decided to try Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) late last year. Because of the potential side effects (depression and worse, amongst others), Roaccutane patients are kept a very close eye on by the hospital, with 4 weekly appointments with the consultant, and lots of blood tests throughout the course.

Other side effects have included nosebleeds, dry eyes and lips, and the worst one – your acne can get worse before it gets better.

Will had his final appointment with the consultant last week, when he was signed off, having completed his course, and these are his before and after photos.

Photo 02-01-2015 11 28 22

Before starting treatment – November 2014

Photo 19-01-2015 17 02 51

About six weeks into treatment – Jan 2015

Photo 02-06-2015 20 37 25

Treatment finished – June 2015

In Will’s own words, ‘it feels like a miracle’. He says it is definitely worth all the side effects.  85% to 90% of patients never get a recurrence of their acne. We are keeping everything crossed that Will falls within that 85% to 90%.

  1. Exeter Overnight Stay

Photo 07-06-2015 20 53 32

We had a night away with friends in Exeter on Saturday, on a cheapy Travelzoo offer. It was such good value for money, and we enjoyed a lazy afternoon sitting in the sunshine drinking and chatting, followed by a gourmet six course dinner, which surpassed all our expectations in terms of quality. Really good. I’ve done a little vlog – not one of my best – I blame the wine! – if you want to have a look.


Broadband problems. So boring that I won’t go into detail, but the cavalry, in the form of BT Openreach, arrived on Friday morning, and fingers crossed, all has been well since then.

Water leak. Urrrggghh. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t a quick fix. The engineers are back for a second day today, and are rerouting the mains pipe. I won’t even tell you what it’s going to cost me, but suffice to say it’s enough to pay for a week’s holiday abroad. On the plus side, they are delightful chaps and bloody hard workers.

How was your week?  Anything good (or bad!) happen?


33 thoughts on “Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts

  1. Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary, what a fun vlog,lovely little hotel and the food looked delicious,I like the Cathedral area of Exeter,John and I stayed in the same square as your hotel last year it was painted yellow and I think it was quite near the Olive tree,I love your spotty shoes!
    I am delighted for William that the treatment has worked.
    What a pain about your leak and the cost!
    X Dawn

      • We stayed last year en route from Weymouth we decided to have a day and night in Exeter,when I saw your vlog I thought I knew that square

  2. Oh wow how handsome does your boy look, it must have done wonders for his confidence. Think acne is so hard for teens to deal with but especially boys. Fingers crossed that alls good with it moving forward. You’re week of bests is lovely, don’t envy you with worsts.
    Had a quiet week meeting up with friends.. Saving myself for sale next week!!!

  3. Oh wow – Wills transformation is utterly amazing, I must say the side effects look quite harsh a few weeks in but the end result is beyond worth it! He looks fantastic 🙂 Shame the whole water leak issue didn’t have as positive an outcome too 😦 *sob*
    Can’t wait to watch this wine fuelled vlog haha Just willing hubby to give me peace so I can indulge… I’ve a bar of galaxy at the ready for it lol Karen XX

    • Honestly, I cringed a bit editing it, but then I thought ‘oh well, it’s the real me’ so I published it anyway. Did edit out some of the worst bits, though!! x

      • Exactly!!!!! And we love it for that reason – it’s you 😀 (without sounding ridiculously corny lol) thoroughly enjoyed it, hotel was lovely – can’t get over the deal you got!! x

  4. Gobsmacked at the difference in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of Will and very pleased for him that the treatment was so effective. Please tell him that I like the new haircut too, he’ll be fighting the girls off!
    Last week sad like the previous one, went to the funeral of an ex-boyfriend.
    Sorry to hear about your leak…. and the cost …and Happy Anniversary!

    • I’ll certainly tell him, Fiona – although at this rate, his head will swell so much he won’t be able to get through the door!! He looked at the ‘after’ pic of himself last night and said ‘God, I’m SO hot!’. From no confidence to over-confidence in six months lol! Sorry to hear of your loss. x

  5. Keeping fingers crossed for Will that the treatment means he is acne free from now on.
    Happy anniversary wishes to you both.
    Worst part was having a phone conversation at work with an elderly lady in her 80s whose son in his 60s had just died and she kept telling me how alone she was, I cried afterwards. Just horrible.
    Lisa x

  6. Been following you for a good while now but never commented before. My son George had a course of roaccutane about 3 years ago now ( he will be 19 in November) – terrible side effects as you say – the sores up his poor nose – pitiful. But, it did the job and he hasn’t had a reoccurrence thank goodness ( although he does get the odd angry spot) – so fingers crossed for Will. I love your blog Caroline – it’s a breath of fresh air in that you ” say it as it is”. Lisa x

    • Hi Lisa – thanks so much for your lovely comments about my blog, I am sitting here with the biggest smile on my face after reading them. So glad you enjoy my witterings! Nice to hear that your son had success with roaccutane – other than the people we’ve seen in the hospital waiting room, I don’t know anybody else who’s taken it, so it’s good to hear of a success story – thank you. Have a great weekend x

  7. Your visit to Exeter looked a lot of fun Caroline,you do well drinking in the afternoon as well as the evening,ifind if i drink in the afternoon it goes straight to my head,i think i must be a lightweight lol.Hotel looked nice ,great deal and i loved your quirky shoes (quirky may be the wrong word here but hope you know what i mean )
    William has done so well going through that treatment,excellent results so worth it,hes growing up into a lovely young man you must be proud .Jen my daughter ,she will be 30 in december has just had very intense dental work with veneers the temp ones looked very much like Rylan but the permanent ones look just like very good natural teeth,they dont look like veneers and she resisted the temptation to go Hollywood white ,(she was tempted !) and have a more natural look .This wasn’t just for cosmetic reasons as the enamel on her own teeth is just so weak and causes her no end of trouble,but hopefully like Will she’s sorted now.!

    • The shoes are definitely quirky, you’re right! A bit of fun. Well done to Jen for having all that work, dental work is my biggest nightmare. I’ve never even had a filling yet (lucky me), but I think I will be really scared when it comes to having anything other than a clean and polish done! Glad to hear it was a success for her, anyway 🙂

      • Gosh Caroline,you are so lucky to have no fillings,Jen has had more than one unfortunate incidents with the NHS dentist so this time she put her trust in a private practise,such a difference,but i asked her at the end of the treatment if she had known what was invoved at the start ,would she have had it done,without hesitation she said NO ! Plus her dentist a girl more or less the same age as jen and so lovely ,yet when i asked jen (in front of the dentist concerned )if she was still scared of the dentist ,expecting her to now say no,again without hesitationshe said yes she was still scared ! Think the saying no pain no gain applies here but worth it in the end !

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