May Movies

I haven’t done a film post in ages, and as I managed to watch more movies in May than in the whole of March and April put together, I thought I’d do a quick rundown of what I watched, with some mini reviews.

Erin Brokovich


I’ve been meaning to re-watch this for ages, so I was pleased to finally get around to doing so.  I enjoyed it just as much the second time around, and Julia Roberts is great as real-life heroine of the people, Erin.

4.5 stars.

Side Effects


I chose this suspenseful thriller based on an intriguing trailer.  It’s about a young woman with ‘issues’ whose world unravels when she is prescribed a drug by her psychiatrist which has unexpected side effects.  I liked this film, because I literally had no idea what was coming next – a real twisty turny storyline.

4 stars.

Shawshank Redemption


This one’s in my top 5 all time films, and I was delighted when I picked it for a Saturday night family movie and William loved it as much as I do.  ‘Epic – just epic’ was his verdict, and he was still talking about it the following morning!

5 stars, without a shadow of a doubt.

Far From the Madding Crowd


The first of two cinema visits this month, I went to see this one to check out whether it was as dull as I remember the book being when I studied it for English Lit O Level back in the day.  It was slightly better than I remember the book, but not an awful lot!  After 35 minutes (I kid you not) of trailers, there was a power cut 10 minutes into the film, and they spent about another quarter of an hour fixing it, which probably didn’t help!

3 stars

Bad Neighbours


Another one picked on the basis of the trailer, which made me laugh, this was a big disappointment.  A young couple with a baby are tormented by a load of partying college students who move in next door.  Unfunny and in bad taste, I switched it off halfway through.

1.5 stars from me

Spooks: The Greater Good


The TV series (all 10 seasons!) is right up there with 24 in terms of my favourite TV series EVER, so I was always going to be first in the queue to see this, and it didn’t disappoint.  If you like spy stories or action movies, or if you ever watched Spooks on TV and enjoyed it, this is a must see.

4.5 stars – and I’ll buy the DVD as soon as it comes out, too!

Jack Reacher


This film was the first one we watched in our new home cinema.  We struggle, in all honesty, to find things we all want to watch (Ashley and William love anything with aliens, zombies or vaguely sci-fi-ish, and I hate all three). They, equally, don’t buy into my love for a good drama, or a decent romcom.  We can generally just about agree on an action or crime thriller, and with the added bonus of Tom Cruise, this one went down well with us all.  Not sure how much of that was on the film’s own merits, or our excitement at having our own cinema, however …

3.5 stars.


250px-Rush_UK_posterAshley and I watched this on a wet Sunday afternoon.  Ashley loves Formula 1 and I love biopics, so it worked well for both of us.  It was a really interesting (and moving) study of the rivalry between the late James Hunt and Nicki Lauda, and we both enjoyed it.  Chris Hemsworth is a bit of alright, too!

4 stars



Somehow this little gem of a romantic comedy had passed me by until now.  I think Victoria at Florence & Mary recommended it to me, and I really enjoyed it.  Well worth seeing if you enjoy a simple and entertaining love story.

3.5 stars.

Soul Surfer


I’ve been wanting to see this for years, since I read Bethany Hamilton’s autobiography.  She was a professional surfer in Hawaii and was attacked by a shark at the age of 16, losing an arm.  Her determination and tenacity to surf again were amazing, and the film version was true to the book and beautiful to watch, with some amazing surfing footage.

3.5 stars

Young Adult

220px-Young_adult_ver2I really wanted to love this black comedy about a  female author who returns to her hometown to try and reunite with her teenage boyfriend, who’s now married with a baby.  But something about the whole thing just didn’t gel, and I found myself quite bored by the time it got to the end.  I also didn’t like the main character at all, which didn’t help.

2.5 stars.

Phew, that’s quite a list, isn’t it?!  Honestly, I did do some other things as well as watch films all month, I promise!  Have you seen any good movies lately?  I love recommendations.


9 thoughts on “May Movies

  1. Ashley and William’s tastes sound just like Vic and Sophia’s. There was a time when I would beg not to have to watch anything with a vampire, a werewolf, a robot, or a superhero in it!

  2. Thats a lot of films Caroline,could it have anything to do with having your own cinema now ? We as a family love Shawshank Redemption, we all watched Philomena recently and enjoyed it even though sad true story .My daughter saw The Theory of Everything and that stayed with her for ages after, i hope to see it soon .Another lovely film we watch is Letters to Juliette,a romantic drama,set in Verona ,Italy with Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave,even my husband will watch this with us lol !

    • Certainly the last few were down to the cinema finally being ready for action! I loved Letters to Juliet, recommended it to my Mum, who watched it on a plane and also enjoyed it. Haven’t seen The Theory of Everything, but it’s on my list. This weekend’s movie will be Gone Girl, which has just arrived from Lovefilm.

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