Beauty Video: Empties


12 thoughts on “Beauty Video: Empties

  1. I’m a new reader to your blog, and loving it. Just checked out the price of the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille hand cream, I see what you mean but I really really want some now!

    • Hi Julie – thanks for taking the time to comment, and it’s always lovely to welcome a new reader. Honestly, it’s a terrible price for hand cream, isn’t it, but it’s so lovely. Their Tarte au Citron fragrance is gorgeous as well – I have a body wash of it on the go at the moment (picked it up cheap on eBay!) but I’m eking it out by only using very occasionally!

  2. Thanks for the tips about the eye make up. I can get Revolution here so will look out for the “base” colour. Did I hear that right?

    Love the Eastenders Queen Vic wallpaper!

    • Yes, you heard right. I loved Make Up Revolution, it’s such good quality for the price. I had the wallpaper before the Queen Vic did!! They copied me!

    • Thank you – it’s annoyingly one of those ones that slips down and shows your bra strap (as seen in the video!!) so it puts me off wearing it a bit, but I do love that colour.

  3. Hi Caroline,another interesting vlog,you know what i like about your vlogs is that any blips you leave in and dont edit them out,makes it all the more endearing! Well yo,have got me now wanting to try a large majority of these goodies for myself!!!!Thank you for the info on eye shadow ,so nice definately going to try that look and the sweet peas candle,we have some growing in the garden but obviously not flowering yet.
    Caroline ref the Dior spray foundation,i asked my daughter (she works for Clinique)but the Dior counter is close by so she sees and hears and she did ask for you .Its tricky to apply as you have to move hair out of the way,shake the can and then get it even.some people put cotton pads over their eyes first..It should spray out perfectlyand you need to spray it straight on to your face to get the airbrush effect finish ,you wont get this if you are putting it into your hand first ,hope this helps ,good luck !

    • Oh, that’s interesting, thank you, Lynn. I’ve seen various videos on YT suggesting various different ways of applying it, so I’ll try the spray again. Will let you know how I get on …!

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