Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts

Well, here we are on the 1st June and it’s cold, windy and wet outside.  Lovely!  Let’s have a quick look back last week’s highs and lows …


Photo 26-05-2015 18 35 25

1.   Freddie the tortoise returned from his wanderings, after being MIA for weeks.  He was exceedingly hungry and after a huge meal, enjoyed a relaxing warm bath.

2.   Half-term week – no morning alarms and no school runs.  Oh, the bliss.

3.   Lunch out with Will, his friend Alex and my friend and Alex’s mum, Becky, in Shaldon.  Nice food, good company and a lovely view across the River Teign (which I totally failed to take a photograph of).  Excellent way to start the weekend.

Photo 01-06-2015 13 56 47

4.   The garden is blooming – I love this time of year when all the flowers come out and it all looks green and summery and nice.

Photo 30-05-2015 18 07 12

5.   A fab charity shop score.  I desperately needed some new ballet pumps as my last two pairs were falling to bits, and I found these brand new silver sequinned Debut ones in the RSPCA charity shop on Saturday morning, complete with original £35 price tag, for a fiver!


Photo 29-05-2015 22 02 38

1.   William’s new haircut – OMG – he looks like he’s going to enlist in the army. Still, he seems pleased with it, and on the plus side, I hopefully won’t have to pay for another one for a while!

2.   Our water leak – getting any sort of sense out of South West Water is like pulling teeth, although I’ve finally spoken to somebody who was able to give me a bit more information this morning.  Excavation works start on Friday – at a cost of £70 per hour.  Ouch.


21 thoughts on “Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts

  1. William looks so cheeky with his new hair style ,bet hes freezing with this very unseasonable june weather ! Glad Freddie has returned safe and sound from his travels,didn’t he do the same thing last year? My daughters friend lost her parrot on saturday,he flew out the back door whilst his cage was being cleaned,after a sleepless night and up at the crack of dawn they found him high up in a neighbours tree.Soaking wet and looking very sorry for himself they enticed him down from lofty heights by placing his cage and food on the lawn and then when he got nearer he was finally caught by having a blanket thrown over him.

  2. What a find with those shoes, they are sooo pretty! Well done you, bargain hunter 😉 Oooft those water charges sound pretty steep *gulp* hope it’s a very quick fix! Karen xo

  3. Lovely collage of the flowers in bloom, it must be beautiful in your garden. Great to see Freddie back.

    Re water leak – you may be entitled to some contribution from SWW towards the cost of repair under certain conditions, and also ask them about leakage allowance, if you haven’t yet. They wouldn’t give you much in comparison with the total cost of works but every little helps, right?

    • Thank you, Ann. We have the leak info from SWW, and depending on where the leak is, you’re right, we may get a contribution towards repair. It’s really annoying as it’s less than two years since the water main was replaced, so there shouldn’t be any further problems already, but making anybody take responsibility is like banging my head against a brick wall!

  4. Great shoes,I love Shaldon,where did you eat? if you don’t mind me asking?we went to view a house these a couple of years ago,our caravan was only up the road in Dawlish.I hope you get the leak sorted x Dawn

  5. Well if anyone was going to sniff out a bargain pair of shoes it’ll be you! Well done on the new find, hope they prove to be nice and comfy.
    The new haircut is short, suits him though.
    Hope the excavation works go well.
    Lisa x

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