Sunday Car Booty #7


6 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty #7

  1. Great bargains. Too wet and miserable here today to go out but did find some bargains last weekend, including Bob the Builder toys ( for my grandson).

    • Always annoys me when Sunday is the only day of the week that dawns wet and rainy! Well done on the Bob the Builder toys – I remember William LOVING Bob when he was little.

  2. Bagpuss!!! My kids didn’t even know what a hot water bottle was! Some things sound very Victorian to Americans…. that is one. Also ‘washing up liquid’ and ‘swimming costume’ they find funny! You did well with all that make up though!

  3. Thats a first Caroline no shoes,although those you found in the charity shop were an excellent buy !Some great skincare /makeup products even a Mac bag to bring them home in ,well done x

    • The Dior spray foundation is interesting. Can’t get it to work spraying it directly onto my face, is better to spray onto hand then use a brush/fingers to apply. Which kind of negates the whole spraying thing, really. I’m on the fence about it at the moment!

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