Vlog: Weekend Camping Trip


15 thoughts on “Vlog: Weekend Camping Trip

  1. I really enjoyed your blog,very exciting to see your camping trip,what an adorable little church,how quaint! I bet the beef tasted great cooked outdoors, Will looks so much like his Dad and us growing up so fast. What a really nice trip, I have never been camping but if I could drink Prosecco out of a tin camping mug I might consider it.
    Thanks for taking us along
    Dawn X

  2. Thanks for that lovely vlog, Caroline, it looked like you all had a wonderful time. That little chapel is beautiful and I very much liked the look of the campsite too – though not sure I’d be able to find my way to the loo in the middle of the night, which is always a necessity these days!!

    • Must admit to just popping around the back of the tent in the wee (see what I did there?!) small hours, and not trekking all the way across the fields to the loo – it’s VERY dark on Dartmoor at night!

  3. Thank you for sharing your camping weekend Caroline,had to laugh at you with your tin mug of Prosecco sitting relaxing while Ashley and William did all the work ,thats the way to do it lol! Daisy made herself at home with you;it looked like she was part of the family.
    What a beautiful little church,very unusual having the fireplace ,hope you remembered to close the door on your way out Just goes to show what little gems there are off the beaten track,the church and the campsite /farmhouse all lovely.Did the Beef turn out ok ?All looked very civilised and not even a queue for the loo then home to your own cinema ,perfect weekend x.

  4. Must remember not to drink coffee while I am watching your vlogs – I started laughing at the list of why you were not speaking to each other in the car followed by all the beer and wine clanking together in the back. The tin mug of Prosecco set me off again and then I nearly choked when you got to half past eight and you said Ashley was still cooking his beef! Oh, and how can I forget the gem about the license plates! Fabulous vlog – loved following your camping trip and can’t wait to see the home cinema.

    • It’s a bit of a running family joke that Ashley’s camping cooking always takes hours. You’ll be pleased to hear that we had fortified ourselves for the long wait with burgers cooked by Will at about 5pm!! x

  5. What a beautiful, peaceful place to camp. The green hills made me think of Hobbiton! I enjoyed watching you and your family having some “unplugged” time together. We go camping each summer for the same reason.

    • It’s just blissful – even a quick 24 hour trip was enough just to feel that our batteries had been recharged – it’s a great stress reliever. x

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