Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts


  •  Baby goldfinches – I love watching the birds out of the kitchen window, and there are lots of babies around at the moments. The goldfinches are my favourites.IMG_5590IMG_5592
  • Camping trip: 24 hours in the fresh air on Dartmoor with no phone signal, not a screen in sight and cooking over an open fire. Bliss.IMG_5637
  •  Book Club: it was the first ‘proper’ meeting of our book club last week, and I’m so pleased that I took the bull by the horns and started the group. Such a nice bunch of ladies, all very different, but friendly and open and interesting. And the opportunity to spend time talking about books. New friends and books – what could be better?
  •  Home cinema. Finally (almost) finished, and we’ve watched two films in it over the weekend. Better than I ever anticipated and literally like being in a real cinema, but with comfy sofas. I LOVE it.


  • Auditors at work. Time-wasting, box-ticking nonsense. Very trying.
  • Water leak: when I went to read the meter for the water bill, I discovered that we have another water leak. This time it appears to be outside the house. Which is going to necessitate digging up the road, the drive and the lawn, apparently. At the cost of approximately £100 per hour. Let’s hope they find it and fix it quickly. Currently awaiting formal quote.

What do you think of this new way of doing Life Last Week posts?  And what were your highlights and lowlights?  I’d love to know.


17 thoughts on “Life Last Week: Bests & Worsts

  1. How lovely to have baby goldfinches! I haven’t seen our goldfinches for a few weeks and even then I think it was two of them. Last year we had 8 or 9 at a time. The highlight of my last week was Friday after work, knowing that it was half term this week! I like your Best/Worst idea. 🙂

  2. I like this format. I was thinking of doing something different with mine; it takes forever to type so I know people must be losing interest halfway through it! The Best and Worst snippets look easier for blogger and reader.

    • Hi,I like your best and worst format. I can’t wait to see your cinema room I can Imagine it is going to be amazing! we had a number if leaks in this house and it is horrible,we had to dig up the kitchen and utility room floor.I hope they find it and fix it fast!
      May borrow your format for a post later Dawn X

    • It just seemed like such a gigantic effort to regurgitate the whole of the last week, and as you say, Pamela, I think the posts end up too long. I think I like this way.

  3. Sounds like the camping trip was a good one for all.
    Love the pictures of the baby birds.
    Good new style of post to record the things we want to remember, one way or another!
    Hope the water thing is sorted as painlessly as possible.
    Lisa x

  4. Like the new format very much ,think it works well.some lovely pictures,William is looking more and more like Ashley.Glad the book club was a success ,will future meetings be at your house or is everyone taking a turn,have you chosen your next book ?
    The highlights of my week were my boss treating us all to a meal at a new Turkish Restaurant straight after work on monday,followed by finding a tenner on a carpark and finally my son spending five days with us over the bank holiday weekend and my daughter and him insisting we book a family holiday which we did and in just over four weeks the four of us will be off to Ibiza.Nice that at 24 and 29 they still want to holiday with mum and dad !Caroline can you recommend a good gradual self moisturising tan? ,need some help lol.
    Hope the fixing of the water leak wont be too disruptive for you x

    • Hi Lynn – we’re all taking it in turns to host book club, which is nice. Think I need to hone my baking skills, though, as the lady whose house we went to last week made some amazing pecan and cranberry cookies, which knocked my bought Asda ones into a cocked hat LOL! Ibiza for hols – lovely – so nice they still want to go on holiday with you. Although we’re at the stage of getting quite excited about holidaying without Will!! Self tan – try the Dove Summer Glow, which is essentially a body moisturiser with buildable self-tan. Doesn’t smell too self-tanny, and builds up a nice colour. Avoid the one with shimmer, as it’s too glittery! I use the medium to dark, as I find the colour of the lighter one isn’t very noticeable. x

      • Thank you for recommendation Caroline,and for the advice about which colour to use as normally i would choose the medium to fair but im going to go for the medium to dark.To complete the look what do you apply to your face ?Is it that Clarins booster you add to moisturiser you were talking about in your recent vlog ?
        ooh those cookies sound delicious,ive recently enjoyed a cake from good old Marks and Spencers ,it was blackcurrent fool cake,a light sponge cake with usual filling but then topped with buttercream with blackcurrent soo nice x

      • Yep, the Clarins Golden Glow Booster is definitely my favourite at the moment for face. The cake sounds delicious – and bought rather than homemade always ticks my boxes when it comes to baking! x

    • Oh, I want to have a party like that, too – doesn’t it look lovely? I love the bookish quotes in frames, might just have to make some of those myself!

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