Video: Make-Up Declutter – And A Giveaway!


11 thoughts on “Video: Make-Up Declutter – And A Giveaway!

  1. I’m dealing with a hairy mascara brush with fibers dilemma also. What is your current mascara? I’m sure you’ve mentioned it in a vlog or blog but I can’t remember. I’ve tried two on the recommendations of others and no luck so far so I’m in for a third. I trust your reviews.

    • Hi Pamela – my favourite ever is L’Oreal Telescopic False Lash Effect, which is great for lengthening. Am currently using a Mary Kay one, which came in a USA themed beauty box, and is very good. More of a volumising mascara than the L’Oreal.

  2. Great vlog I agree that once you are a certain age that too much glittery us a no no.I hate fibrous mascara wands that is the reason I love my Maybelline one the wand iSee perfect.

    Dawn X

  3. Love your make up vlogs. I am up for any giveaways except for pink lip gloss. I am a red girl. Could you do a eye make up demo. I am struggling these days with my eye make up. I have always used taupes and golds with an eyeliner but they now seem to look wrong somehow plays the kohl eyeliner seems to either disappear or end up as panda eyes. Have tried liquid eyeliner but as you say hard to draw a straight line and looks too hard at my advanced years!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Empties coming up later this week, which I know is one of your favourites. I’m definitely not brave enough (or skilled enough!) to do a make-up demo yet, but maybe one day …

  4. Great vlog, I really enjoy your beauty/make-up reviews, it’s better than watching QVC as you’re very honest about the products. Cute necklace too.
    I love a good declutter, always leaves you feeling refreshed and somehow lighter. x

    • Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it. The necklace was a really cheap one I picked up from Ali Express – one of my favourite new shopping website. In fact, I’m planning a video on it very soon! x

  5. Your nieces will love all that makeup Caroline especially the glitter ,they are just the right age for glitter ! I have that NO7 eye pallette and think ive used the same colours as you and i agree the green colour is nice ..but i dont use the pallette Ihave yet to start using the Clarins pallette that i was so desperate to get my hands on ,it looks so nice in its pristine condition im enjoying just having it in my collection ,sad isn’t it ?!usually when i’m rushing round getting ready for work i stick to the same few things just for quickness but i will try it soon !!!
    Talking of eyeshadow yours looks very nice in the vlog can you remember what it is ? I think you should do a make up demo as well you would be good at it xx

    • I honestly can’t remember what eyeshadow it was – I’ve been asked this a few times, so perhaps I ought to start mentioning it at the end of videos, I’ll try to do that in future. I’m definitely not brave enough yet to do a make-up tutorial, don’t know if I ever will be – I don’t really think my skills are that good, to be honest, still so much to learn from all those YT beauty gurus! x

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