Life In List Form: Things On My To Do List This Week


1.   Have a meeting with an auditor for my school job – I’m not looking forward to it; I don’t have much truck with public sector box tickers at the best of times.

2.   Deflea the cats – never let it be said there’s no glamour in my life. *Snort*.

3.   Go to my book club meeting – we’ve read Night Road by Kristen Hannah this month, which I loved.  Interested to see what everybody else thought of it.

4.   Get the garage door fixed.  A bloke came round to look at it this morning and tried to suggest we bought a new one from him (somewhere in the region of £2.5k).  We declined his kind offer(!) and decided to replace the broken electronic box instead, which is *only* (insert tone of great sarcasm there) £200!  But first Ashley’s going to try and rewire the current one to see if that might work.

5.   Find suitable curtains for the cinema – why are the vast majority of curtains eyelet tops these days?  I want good, old-fashioned pencil pleats, and I’m struggling to find any that I like.

6.   Start planning for our USA-themed summer party for Ashley’s staff (which was originally intended to be a ‘Fourth of July’ party, but is now on the 13th June.  Go figure.

7.   Sort through my wardrobe and get rid of some stuff – long, looonnngggg overdue.

8.   Look forward to the Bank Holiday weekend – and half term next week, too.  Fingers crossed for some decent weather as we’ve made tentative plans to go camping this weekend.


22 thoughts on “Life In List Form: Things On My To Do List This Week

  1. Have you got a Dunelm near you? they do all sorts if headings my heavy weight curtains were from there with a traditional curtain heading, I agree about trying to find curtains,I see some I like and they are ring tops which I can’t have in my living room.
    Maybe you could find someone to make them for you?
    I hope the weather holds this bank holiday I won’t hold my breath though.
    Dawn X

    • Hi Dawn – I’ve been to Dunelm and found some I liked – but they’re ring tops. They only had a very small selection of non ring-tops. Have thought about getting them made, but vv expensive. I’ll keep looking! x

      • I love our bay windows, but they do narrow the choices for curtains – unless I were to have them specially made. The last time I wanted to replace curtains, I couldn’t get them wide enough (why have they stopped making wide curtains?), and had to settle for 4 curtains rather than one pair. It’s a bit annoying.

      • We were laughing a couple of weeks back at my parents’ house as I was looking through old photos, and came across one from about 35 years ago, showing the same pair of curtains hanging in the bay window that are still there. Saves having the trouble of finding new ones, I guess!

  2. I was going to suggest Dunhem,Dawn beat me to it .My tumble dryer is in the process of being repaired, rang the company last friday,gave all the relevant details ,man came yesterday didnt have the correct part even though last friday i was assured part would be ordered!when complained pretended he knew nothing about it ,coming thursday now,and quoted higher price not happy !
    Enjoy your book club meeting ,i’ve just finished reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult, think this would be an excellent bookclub choice ,so many different subjects to be discussed after reading this very powerful story .
    Happy camping may need your thermals lol

    • Oh, I loved The Storyteller, such a good book and very thought provoking. Hope your tumble dryer man turns up tomorrow as promised! Garage door problem has now been superceded by an unlocated water leak – had a nasty shock when I read my meter for the bill, as we’ve apparently used three times as much water as normal. Leak appears to be between meter and house, so God only knows what that’s going to cost to locate and fix. Water Leak Location Operative booked to come on Friday, not to locate or fix the problem, but to quote us for locating the problem!!!! Ah well, this time next year I’ll probably be laughing about it!

      • Tumble dryer has now been repaired and is back working ,just as well as son arrived yesterday to spend bank holiday weekend with us ,accompanied by a holdall full of white dirty washing plus coloured clothes that had been washed but left in machine so had that horrible damp smell so had to be washed again !i do like to dry washing on line outdoors weather permitting but for fluffy towells and soft underwear cant beat tumble drying,
        Good luck with sorting your water leak ,cant believe that they have to come out and quote first,you would think the main priority would be locating and fixing it !
        Our central heating has decided to play up now ,finally turned it to water only to wake up this morning to red hot radiators ,always something !
        Have a lovely bank holiday weekend x

      • I think I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t own a tumble drier!! We had the same with our central heating a while ago, something to do with a valve, I seem to remember. Ashley fixed it, anyway. Water engineer came on Friday, and is coming back tomorow, as it appears we may have a leak inside the house and another outside. We’re going to have to have the garden and road dug up at the very least. Lovely. Less expensive than we anticipated, though, which I guess is a plus!

  3. Is it a month since your first book club meeting at your house, times whizzes!
    The party sounds like good fun, I’m sure you’ll make it go with a swing.
    Lisa x

  4. A local television news program just did a consumer story on garage door repairmen. Supposedly something like 90% of the time malfunction is due to the little electronic ‘eye’ having become skewed and merely needs to be straightened/adjusted so that the signal isn’t blocked.

    As for #6…June 14 is Flag Day in the US. Same decorations and menu as July 4 would apply, and have a legitimate US patriotic holiday to tag your June 13 party to. 🙂

    • Have followed your board, Kathleen, many thanks – and for the info re Flag Day – excellent news! Garage door worries have now been superceded by an apparent leaking water issue, oh the joys of owning a house that needs everything updating!!

    • Interesting one, that! We’ve decided to have the windows blacked out with film, reasons being twofold: firstly, we were concerned that even with blackout blinds AND blackout curtains, light would filter in (we have floor to ceiling windows across one wall of the cinema) because of way we would have to hang them, dicated by the shape and fitting of the windows. Secondly, blackout film cost £143, and blinds and curtains would cost us several hundreds (at least) because of the size of the windows. So the good thing about that, is that I’m not in any rush, as we’ll still be able to use the cinema without curtains. Also, I’m not limited to blackout curtains only. The search continues …!

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