Chatty Vlog: Out & About / Charity Shop Bargains


11 thoughts on “Chatty Vlog: Out & About / Charity Shop Bargains

  1. Always great watching your vlogs Caroline. Ashleys mum’s house is amazing, what a stunning property… we have a few thatched cottages scattered about over here too but I’ve never been inside one if my memory serves me right. Very cosy & quaint!! Not sure my 6ft 7″ dad could cope with the low ceilings too well lol Hope that nasty weather has brightened up – been pouring down here today 😦 Have a great week, Karen X

      • He’d resemble a human walking stick after a few months Caroline! lol Just as well he lives in a relative high ceilinged modern home!!! Height can be such a nuisance haha X

  2. That really is a chocolate box cottage! I like that she has the inside walls painted white so it isn’t too dark. We escaped that ghastly weather here thankfully.

  3. It was our Marriage Enrichment Retreat this weekend and it was all about connecting and reconnecting and not disconnecting so we left our electronics at home. How lovely to come back to a nice cup of coffee and your lovely chatty vlog. Love Ashley’s mother’s house! I would snap it up in a minute if we lived in the UK. Hope your weather improved.

    • Hope your Marriage Enrichment was good, Pamela. Weather is even worse today, though it’s supposed to clear up a bit this afternoon – fingers crossed!

  4. Great finds as usual, you do have an eye for a bargain! I particularly like the Liberty print desert boots, how cute! Love you M i L’s cottage, and hope everything goes well with your x-ray.

  5. Another busy week for you Caroline ,nice mix of activities .Williams school is set in nice grounds ,as is the venue you had lunch with your friend ,in fact think you live in a beautiful part of the country. Ashleys mums house ,lovely too ,so pretty.Had to laugh at you finding your work training boring, i always think they stretch it out so much it could be completed in half the time and then it wouldn’t be so boring lol .

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