Video: Shopping Haul – Make-Up, Skincare & Accessories


12 thoughts on “Video: Shopping Haul – Make-Up, Skincare & Accessories

  1. I will have to see if they have that Clarins offer on here! I went to get a mascara from them yesterday and they were all sold out!

  2. Your vlogs are becoming quite interactive! I found myself nodding my head when you said “I don’t know if you can see that”! I don’t think I’ve ever tried Clarins – I have a great coupon offer coming up for Macy’s this summer (it’s called Shop for a Cause – one of my clubs sells a coupon for $5 and you can use it on one specific day at almost all of the departments at Macy’s and save a percentage (15-20-25%?, can’t remember) on your purchases – not just one purchase, all of them) so I shall be making a beeline for the Clarins counter. Beautiful scarves. I picked up a great scarf holder at Ikea the other day and it’s quite full – love my scarves.

  3. Great bargains there, especially the Clarins. It would take me ages to get through that lot though! Those Primark scarves look lovely too, can’t remember the last time I went in there, might have to take a look the next time I’m in Brum!

    • I don’t like Primark clothes, far too cheaply made – i can always find better quality for the same or less in charity shops or at car boots. But I do love their scarves and PJs!

  4. I would have loved the Clarins deal but £60 is a bit out of my budget.

    Really weird though I just wrote a text to my friend asking if her OH could pick up an Instyle mag at the airport with the free Clinique serum for me!

    I went to a demo today for a product which instantaneous shrinks bags under the eyes and wrinkles. I must admit I was impressed at the results and was going to ask you if you had tried anything like that?

  5. Love the scarves and pj’s ,i’ve got a pendant from Primark that always gets compliments when i wear it more than my better jewellery lol .Love the Clarins package as well ,some lovely products for you to use ,i’m using the Clarins HydraQuench daily moisture cream at the moment ,i had forgotten i had this and rediscovered it when having a sort out,a really rich moisture cream.

  6. PJs are one of the only things I buy in Primark too.
    I’ve never bought Clarins, out of my price bracket, but with all those freebies it seems like you got a bargain!

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