This ‘Ere Blog – Where It’s Going & What’s Happening

I’ve been thinking I need to write this post for a while.

I’m aware that the content of my blog has changed quite significantly, particularly since the beginning of this year. I haven’t counted, but it’s now probably a 50/50 split between videos and written posts.

I’m also aware, that you, as readers of my blog, are possibly not wanting to see quite so much of me in person, chattering about the inconsequentialities of my life. And of course, a greater time investment is required of the reader to view a 10 or 15 minute video, than to read a four paragraph blog post interspersed with photos.  I know that not everybody will want or be able to invest the time that a video takes to watch – everybody’s time is precious, particularly these days.

However, I love making videos. I’ve blogged in written form since 2008, and learning to film, edit and vlog has been a much-needed new challenge that has injected a huge level of enthusiasm into creating new content.

So – a dilemma: vlog or blog? Blog or vlog? Or can I continue to combine the two? I’ve thought about it at some length, and I’ve come to a decision, which I hope you’ll be OK with, as readers/viewers.

  1. I am going to continue with both, because I enjoy both.
  2. Sunday Car Booty will continue in video form, simply because it’s easier for me to film it than photograph it and write it all out.
  3. There will be between 1 and 2 further videos each week – if there is more than one, one will be vlog-style, chatting about my life and what I’m doing, and one will be a more formal, sitting in front of the camera video (Empties, Favourites, Shopping Hauls etc).
  4. There will also be 2 or 3 written posts each week, much the same content as you’re familiar with at the moment.
  5. The main difference will be that there will be more content here, because for the moment I’ll be copying all my YouTube videos into posts here as well. Later on, I may rethink this and post some or all videos only on YT, but for the moment, this is how things’re gonna roll round here.
  6. Having all the content in one place, here, will obviously give you the choice to pick and choose what you want to read/view – if you haven’t the time or inclination to watch me ramble for 15 minutes about my favourite beauty products of the month, please feel free not to bother – no hard feelings! But I want to give you the OPTION of doing so, and if I don’t post the content here, a lot of my readers who aren’t YT regulars won’t get to see it.

Right, I’ve rambled enough. I’m off to Bournemouth shortly and I’m not even showered and dressed yet.  I hope the above all makes sense, and I’ll see you next week.  Have a great weekend, everybody 🙂


28 thoughts on “This ‘Ere Blog – Where It’s Going & What’s Happening

  1. My opinion on this is that it is your blog so you can blog or vlog about whatever you wish – as you say people don’t have to read/view everything if they don’t want to. However I for one love both your blog posts and your vlogs, so I am very happy with your decision!

  2. I’m surprised how much I enjoy watching Vlogs as opposed to reading blog posts. They are much more personal with tone of voice, body language etc expressed. The Vlogs about what you call the inconsequential a of your life are like catching up with an old friend for a chat and finding out what they’ve been doing. For those of us stuck inside more than we would like, it a little bit of human contact and outside opinion that we wouldn’t otherwise have.

    • Thank you, Jo. Your comment about being stuck at home struck a chord, because I spend a lot of my day at home alone as well, and I think that’s one of the reasons I like vlogging so much – because it feels like I’m chatting with friends. That’s why it’s so nice to get comments as well, to get to know who’s reading and watching, and a have a bit of interaction. x

  3. I enjoy video, but I seldom watch them as they use a lot of bandwidth and I do all my blogging and stuff on my PC. It’s a $$ thing for me. I have to watch our budget so closely. I would think mixing it up would give you a broader audience.

  4. I enjoy your blogs and vlogs but I’d prefer them here in one place-I got a bit confused when you moved the Car Boot blogs to another place. But as long as you keep going I’m happy! It’s nice to sit down with a glass of something and catch up with my favourite blogs.

  5. I watch a lot of v-logs and I love yours,you have to do what suits you best, I can imagine it is much easier to film your boot sale haul rather than the laborious task of taking photos,uploading them and then writing the blog. I look forward to reading your blogs and your v-logs, I have become a bit of a Youtube addict and have found some great v-logs on there, I am sure you followers won’t mind at all. x Dawn

  6. Great decision to do both Caroline, we get the best of both worlds then !Love your blog as you constantly keep it interesting and up to date ,but then your vlogs are so good,i commented before that you are a natural,so yes time is precious as you say but its good to take a few minutes extra ,and sit back and enjoy, and by combining the two its the perfect combination .I think you have got it just right and think most of your readers/followers will agree so well done x

  7. Whew! You scared me for a minute! I love both. The written posts are like reading a letter, and the vlog posts are like you pop in for a visit. I like both, so I am very happy with your plan!

  8. My first thought is you should do as you liked as it’s your blog to do what you like doing.
    I’m glad your posts will continue, I must admit to not watching most vlogs. It’s the time issue for me. I do try and catch the booty one though.
    Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Lisa x

    • Thank you, Lisa. Absolutely understand the time factor – we all spend far too much time online as it is these days!! Hope all is good with you and yours xx

  9. Hey there. I agree with everyone else. Your blog you do what you want. I read and watch the vlogs. I really like the vlogs on beauty empties. you get more from your voice and face when you are describing them.

    I thought OMG she isnt ending the blog is she. and then was greatly relieved when you said you were pulling everything in the one place. This is great news.

    I spend far too much time on line. lol

    • Oh, me too. But I’m hoping that making a definite decision about blogging and YT will mean that I spend a bit less. Maybe?! I’ve just started an experiment where I only log into my email four times a day at specific times, rather than have it open in the background all the time, as I think it’s a dreadful time suck. NOt sure how it’s working out yet …

  10. Great! I am also glad you are keeping both blogs and vlogs here (autocorrect insists vlogs should be clogs!). I rarely manage to watch the vlogs, partly because of lack of time and partly because I often catch up on blogs in the tea room at work, but I am glad to still have the option.

  11. I love your vlogs Caroline but I do admit I usually have to save them to watch at a later date as I do most of my blog reading at work and watching a 10-15 minute video isn’t something I can really get away with hahah x

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