My Life In Pictures


Selfie with the teenager – rare that he allows himself to be photographed with me these days!


Nothing says Friday night like the pop of a bottle of fizz.  And nothing says Saturday morning like the headache after you’ve inadvertently consumed the whole thing over the course of the evening!


A picture of Newton Abbot clock tower which I took whilst waiting for my friend to arrive for a dinner date last week.


The cats are less than pleased by the inclement weather over the last week or so – they (and I!) thought spring had arrived and had been enjoying lazy days out in the sunshine.


Ashley bought me roses.  This is an unusual enough occurrence that my immediate thought was ‘what’s he feeling guilty about?!’


Sunday roast.  Cooked by Ashley.  I can count on one hand the number of Sunday roasts I have cooked in the last twenty years.


Postal vote.  Done and dusted.  I shall be SO relieved when it’s all over, I am so weary with the constant media drivel about the election.


Yum.  Mussels for lunch on a wet Bank Holiday Monday, with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and some crusty bread.


Happy post.  Couldn’t resist all the freebies promised by Clarins in their recent website birthday promotion, so I placed an order.  (You can see what I bought – and all the freebies, there were a LOT – in an upcoming video).


What a difference a week makes.  As I look outside now, the sky is an angry shade of dark grey, and the blossom is all over the drive and the road, rather than on the tree.  It’s been V-E-R-Y windy.


Finished this book last night.  Very good, and a bit creepy.


20 thoughts on “My Life In Pictures

  1. I feel very hungry after reading that post!
    Nice to have a photo with your not so little boy.
    Pretty roses, such a lovely colour.
    Lisa x

  2. Loved this post Caroline, fab pics – looks like you had a great week. Weather has indeed been miserable – hopefully there’s still a few sunny days ahead 🙂 X

  3. Loved this post Caroline, fab pics – looks like you had a great week. Weather has indeed been miserable – hopefully there’s still a few sunny days ahead 🙂 X

  4. Lovely pic with the teenager, and smiling too! Can’t get my almost teenager to smile in photos. Envious of your cooked by hubby Sunday roast… 14 years on and I’m still waiting for mine…

    • Unfortunately, the downside of him being such a good cook is that he’s hypercritical of my cooking. It’s caused many an argument over the years, I can tell you! The roast was indeed yummy, though …x

  5. I can empathise with the ‘selfie with a teenager’ thing….I was trying to remember the last time I had a photo with Ella,..I think she was about 6 yrs old, I really need to do this more often, but, she’s 16 now and I think that time may have passed with the blink of an eye!. My tree in my garden has been ravaged by the blustery winds of recent, and I’ve looked outside, with phoebe ( 11) and we’ve both said “it’s snowing in May!” I’m sure my neighbours are pissed off with my tree’s blossom! Hey! Ho! The joys of spring!

    • Hi Sarah! Can’t believe the kids are so grown-up now – it doesn’t seem five minutes since we were sitting round at Tumbling Teds with them all! Where does time go? x

  6. You had a wonderful week! My husband loves to bake so I think we should have dinner together, have your husband make dinner, mine make dessert and we can enjoy the meal, wine and conversation! If only ther wasn’t an ocean between us!

  7. Cool that you have that picture together. Lunch looks divine, does he leave you the washing up though? And mussels, yum I really fancy those now

  8. Lovely selection of photos Caroline, the first one of you and William is a lovely one of the both of you. If William is anything like my son it will not be long before he is towering over you ,if its not a full length photo he bends his knees and crouches down as at 6ft 4 he is so much taller than me at 5ft 3 ! All his friends are the same lol .

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