Video: Q&A – Ask Me Anything – Part 2


12 thoughts on “Video: Q&A – Ask Me Anything – Part 2

  1. I loved part 2 of the q&A V-log, have you tried putting a thin layer of vaseline on the area of skin where you apply your fragrance? It helps hold the fragrance.,it does work as long as yu rememebr to do it and only a tiny bit . I agree with you on nail polish, the most expensive brands still flake or chip, I but cheaper brands even though I like the OPI colours you can find some bargains now,did you know that Poundland sell nail polish? I couldn’t believe it when I saw it,you should have a look next time you are in town, Some great questions and answer. Looking forward to the next v-log. Dawn x

  2. So pleased you cleared up the meaning of your ‘cruising days’ as I thought exactly what you explained it wasn’t!!! And I am impressed with your nail varnish collection as I thought you would have so many more bottles than that!!! Love the vlogs….

  3. Love the vlog – spent the whole day in the car going up to see Sophia and then home again – it was lovely to pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down to watch Part II. 19 minutes seemed to fly by – very enjoyable as always and looking forward to the next vlog.

    Thanks for answering the only child question – I was a bit like Ashley, not bothered at all about having children but Vic wanted two so we split the difference with one! Just as well we didn’t want more, Vic was never home much in the early years so I would have been like a single parent to a toddler and a new baby and I can’t imagine how I would have handled that. Women do all the time, but it’s just not me. I got a lot of grief from Vic’s family as they are big family people and they kept asking and asking when I was going to have another one – even now, his father’s second wife wanted to know why we only had one child. I really think it’s rude – it was our decision; many people have the decision made for them due to medical reasons (I have a friend who would love to have another child or several but has been unable to conceive) and I know it breaks her heart when someone asks if and/or when she’s going to have another. I do agree with your comments about how our only children will handle things when we get older or are gone.

    • Sounds like you had a long day in the car, Pamela. I always think it’s hard for wives (or husbands, I guess!) to be at home alone with the kids for such extended periods of time. Ashley worked away a lot when William was little, and was often away at weekends – I used to hate it.

  4. Thank you Caroline,for answering everyones questions ,i did not realise just how many questions i asked, you must think me proper nosey sorry !
    I’m the same with perfume not lasting very long,but i dont like the heavy type perfumes as they give me a headache .I have a few of the DKNY Delicious in different types but they dont last long.My favourite is Chance Chanel Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette, this one does last.
    You saying you like to buy eye shadows ,cant wait to tell you that i have after nearly giving up hope, purchased the Clarins Ltd Edition Garden Escape eye pallette !!! My friend was visiting her son in Dubai ,and i asked if she would mind looking .Success at the duty free in Dubai airport ,not any cheaper £33 but so happy ,think the staff on the Clarins counter had such an easy sale,my friend told me that they got the pallette out of the box and pouche to show her and she was just saying yes thats fine lol .

    • So pleased you finally managed to get one, Lyn – I haven’t seen them anywhere, have looked in several different shops for you since you mentioned having trouble getting hold of one. Do let me know what you think about it. Have made a note of the Chanel fragrance you mention, will give it a try. x

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