Friday Car Vlog


13 thoughts on “Friday Car Vlog

  1. Great car vlog! Yes, I’ve had those “How on earth did my hair grow so much overnight?” moments which are always followed by a frantic call to my hairdresser requesting an appointment asap. Can you share a photo of how you have your camera/camera phone anchored while you’re driving? Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Looking forward to Q&A Part II.

  2. Live the car vlog, can’t wait to see the cinema room finished I van imagine it will be amazing,Tkmax is one shop where I could spend could ages,I love the homewares in there,John spends ages going through the town shirts. Looking forward yo part 2 of the Q&A vlog,I am naturally curious,some would say nosey! have a great bank holiday X Dawn

  3. Enjoyed the carvlog.Took a leaf from your post ‘re car boot sales and found some great beauty bargains including Kerastase conditioner for £1.

    • Oooh, well done, that’s a great find! It’s addictive – you’ll find yourself up at silly o’clock on a weekly basis, ready to hunt down those bargains, before you know it!

  4. Enjoyed this as you were driving back from the Williows over the back road. Whilst over I just used the Newton Road, too concerned the my hire car might get scratched!

    I went in to TK Maxx in Exeter but thought that the prices were expensive for what they were. Definitely seem to have risen.

  5. Great car vlog Caroline,the lip gloss looked good, i have a couple of nyx lipsicks which are good,my daughter came back from a visit to New York last year with them and a stash of make up that all the beauty bloggers rave about and like you say are hard to get over here .
    Your story about William and his career choices /works experience reminded me of my sons experience although his was with the local job centre.when he said he wanted to be an archivist,he was greeted with a blank look and had to explain to the girl what that meant! She then replied” oh you want to work in a library or a museum then ” He was then e mailed a list of suitable jobs,top of the list being a dog groomer ,Can you believe it ? Think you probably can lol .
    Hope you got through the traffic ok, we were in Devon twice last year in september and November and both times the traffic was horrendous getting past your town ,it seemed to be on a grand scale!

    • I think it may be because we have (or had) a string of very cheap (and a bit tacky!) stores in the UK called TJ Hughes, so they decided to change the J when they launched in the UK to differentiate from that.

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