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So I was looking at my Bloglovin’ list of blogs I like to read, and it’s looking a bit sparse – so many of the bloggers I used to enjoy reading have stopped writing, and I’d love to find some new blogs to follow.

And I had this idea – sort of along the lines of a chain letter or, as we call it in Blogland, a tag.

The idea is that I will pick two blogs from my reading list, share their link and a brief introduction to the blogger, and ask those two bloggers to do the same in a ‘tag’ post.

Then I (and you, if you like) can follow the tag as it is passed along from blog to blog, and find lovely new blogs to read.

Hopefully this will be beneficial to all – bloggers increase their readership, readers find new blogs to enjoy, and we all get to ‘meet’ some new people in this lovely friendly blogging community we inhabit.

What do you think?

Do you like the idea?

I hope so, because I’m going to start it off right now.

Here are my two recommended reads, both of whom I’ve been following for several years now:

The Lady of the House Speaking

Pamela currently lives in Washington State, USA, but has moved around a lot as her husband is in the US Navy. She has a daughter who has just started college, and Pamela is currently thinking about going back to work after being a ‘lady of leisure’ for many years.

My Life In Flip Flops

Jenny and her husband have recently moved back to her native Yorkshire from Scotland, into a beautiful apartment with amazing views. They also spend a lot of time in their second home in Italy (the lucky things) and Jenny knits a lot of socks – although she doesn’t wear them, as her preferred footwear is flip flops, as the title of her blog suggests!

So, Jenny and Pamela, I now pass the tag onto you, and look forward to reading your recommended blogs.

How it works:

  1. Copy the tag logo from the top of this post, if you like.
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you.
  3. Write a post recommending two blogs you enjoying reading, and tag your recommended bloggers to do the same.

And on a final note, if any readers who don’t have a blog want to recommend two of their favourite reads in the comments, that would be lovely, too 🙂


10 thoughts on “The “Two Good Reads” Tag

  1. Thank you, Caroline! My post will go up tomorrow and I love Jenny’s blog. I see Kathleen’s commented above – I found her blog through you and love reading it.

  2. Same here,so many in my Blogger list have disappeared, sometimes I wonder whether to continue, especially when there is little feedback. I have never solved the conundrum as to whether to have a diary style blog or one where I express my thoughts and ideas about my world.

    I do try to be uncontroversial, no politics, no religion, just a view on my world along with my knitting and crochet progress. I enjoy reading about the domestic trivia of others, how people live, a net curtain view of the world.

    Having said this, I need to comment on other blogs more so to encourage feedback on mine.

    PixieMum aka Knellergal in Ravelry.

    • Hi Madeleine – it would be a shame to give up writing if you enjoy it. I think your posts are interesting and enjoyable. YOu’re right that commenting on other blogs is a good way to encourage feedback on your own. I’ve also found that replying to comments received works really well in terms of getting to know who’s reading, and keeping the comments coming. Have a great weekend – hope the weather is better where you are than it is here in Devon! x

  3. Caroline, I feel so honoured and whilst I don’t usually join in these chain things and am up to the eyes in it, post to follow, I have done so happily. It’s a great idea and I’m sure will introduce us all to new blog friends, thank you. xx

  4. Rather late with my response Caroline,but better late than never ! I enjoy reading The Sunday Girl,a beauty blog that gives excellent reviews and news of the best latest products out there.
    Collage of Life is another good read,When i first began reading this Jeanne,originally from America,was living in the Uk but she has now moved on to Vietnam with a second home in the states.Inbetween she lived in Australia,she has children living in America and Australia.I just find it fascinating the life she leads !
    I know you only said two but ive recently found The Wanderblogger, ayoung expat American family living in the UK, based in London.They love to travel to new countries and places in the UK. Sarah takes such beautiful photographs with an equally beautiful description just makes you want to visit.

    • Thanks for those, Lynn – I’ve read Sunday Girl before, but the other two are new to me, so I’ve bookmarked them both for a little nosey later on. 🙂

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