The Wanderlust Tag

Can’t remember where I saw this tag – apologies if it was your blog, let me know and I’ll edit this to credit you – but it looked fun, so I thought I’d have a go at it.


Where was your first plane trip to?

Menorca. I was about three. I don’t remember it, but as you can see, there is photographic evidence to prove I was indeed there.

You’re leaving tomorrow & money is no object… where are you going?

If money is no object, then I will start with a transatlantic crossing on Cunard’s QM2 from Southampton to New York (in one of their huge suites with its own butler, naturally!) After a few days’ shopping and sightseeing in the Big Apple, I think a week or two’s relaxation on a beach would probably be in order, so maybe a little trip to Mexico – somewhere I’ve been wanting to revisit for a long time.

Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places? 

Definitely a bit of both. We have returned to our favourite holiday hotel in the whole world, Porto Sani Village in Halkidiki, every year for the past decade.

But I love going to new places as well, and also over the past 10 years we’ve also been to Mauritius, the Maldives (3 times, but different islands), Dubai, Cyprus, the Canaries (twice – and never again!), Barcelona, Prague, Poland (twice), Budapest, St Lucia, Antigua and Rome.

Hostel or Hotel?

I don’t imagine that anybody who knows me or has read my blog for more than a couple of weeks would labour under the misapprehension that I would EVER be found checking into a hostel.

Snobbish? Me? Maybe. Ask me if I care.

Where would you travel just to eat the food?

I think it would definitely have to be a city, just because of the vast choice of places to eat. Places I can think of where we’ve had amazing food include Rome and Hong Kong, but both of those obviously have lots of other great things going on as well.

One place I didn’t warm to, but the food was fab-U-lous was Budapest. It was quite a dirty city and seemed to have a massive graffiti problem, which was a real shame, as there are some beautiful buildings and stunning views, particularly around the river. But the food – oh, the food was something else. Amazing.

Plane essentials & how do you pass the time?

Depends on the length of the flight. I’m not a good flier – very nervous.

Short-haul: a good book and plenty of gin.

Long haul: comfy clothes, a good book, some in-flight movies, and lashings of moisturizer, lip balm and hand cream. Oh, and plenty of gin. Obviously.

Is there a place you would never go again?

Bombay. Open sewers along the sides of the roads, and children with no legs, on skateboards, begging. It totally freaked me out and I hated it.  Thankfully, we were only there for two days as we called during a world cruise (I was working, not holidaying!), so I didn’t have to wait long before we shipped out again.

Top three travel items?

  1. Passport
  2. Universal adaptor.
  3. Sunglasses

Always the first three things I get ready when I’m packing for a trip.

Preferred method of travel, planes, trains or auto mobiles?

I’ve always quite fancied a trip on the Orient Express – I always picture it as having the glamour associated with travel from days gone by.

I tag anybody who wants to have a go – let me know if you do it, and I’ll come and have a read.


8 thoughts on “The Wanderlust Tag

  1. Even though we (I include myself in this) are maybe too ‘mature’ for hostels….. you go CAMPING and that is not posh at all! Plus if you went on holiday to somewhere with no sun (possible) then you could replace the sunglasses with a book or kindle. V cute traveling 3 year old shot btw!!

  2. Oh Caroline, you haven’t lived if you haven’t hostelled! Mice running amok in the kitchen and cockies by the dozen in the bedroom are both things I experienced. Have to say the 5* hotels I stayed in when I was a hostie were rather lovely, (especially Bangkok) although not quite so much fun.

  3. I did laugh at your comments about you going to a hostel!
    You have certainly seen a lot of the world with a combination of your cruise days and holidays.
    Lisa x

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