Vlog: Sunday Car Booty #5

Despite having the worst night’s sleep in a long time, I dragged myself out of bed at silly o’clock this morning to go car booting – and boy, was it worth it – I had a great morning’s shopping!


20 thoughts on “Vlog: Sunday Car Booty #5

    • It never ceases to amaze me, Eileen, that people buy so many things that they never use, and then sell them for a tiny fraction of what they paid in the first place. Sign of the times, I guess!

    • I remember before we moved house having to stop my second hand shopping for a while as I didn’t want to clutter up the old house while we were trying to sell, or have loads of extra stuff to pack when we moved. But I did miss it, really enjoyed getting back to it once we were settled.

    • I’m so upset – they’re too narrow for my feet! Think they’re Spanish, I always find Spanish shoes are very narrow. Never mind, I have a friend who has the same size, but narrower feet than me, and she will be delighted with them, I’m sure – they’re right up her street!

  1. Amazing haul there, Caroline. Huge coincidence that you bought the wooden cotton reels as I picked up a tin of old sewing bits and bobs – including 16 wooden cotton reels – at the local scout jumble sale yesterday. I would never have noticed it as the tin looked like nothing much, but someone standing next to me opened the tin, had a quick look inside, shut the lid and put it down. I immediately pounced and bought it myself as I know how collectable those vintage Sylko reels are these days. Plus, there were lots of other bits and bobs in the tin which will be useful for me too.

  2. Cannot believe the quality of shoes you find time and time again, I only ever see manky pairs at boot fairs round here.. Love the red polka dot mules and the cotton reels. Worth that early start I’d say. xx

    • Your comment about shoes made me smile, as I was only thinking yesterday that it’s amazing how Vix always finds so much vintage clothing at car boots – I swear there’s hardly ever any at my local ones. Then I got to thinking, maybe we all find what we’re used to looking for, because our eyes are always automatically drawn to those things. Hence while I’m finding good shoes, perhaps I’m missing a vintage dress. Not sure I’ve expressed what I’m trying to say, but hopefully that makes sense?

  3. I’m starting to get car boot envy after all those lovely items. We live in a fairly affluent area, one of our charity shops had a pair of Jimmy Choos with box for about £100, so I imagine the car boots are great it’s just I can never get out of bed in time. One day.

    • I bet you’d find some gems, Jenny. I do think £100 for a pair of shoes in a charity shop is a bit steep, though – Jimmy Choos or not! Having said that, however, if people will pay that much, why not, it all benefits the charity.

  4. Sorry to hear you had a bad nights sleep, I haven’t had much luck sleeping in lately either so I brought a new bed and tossed the old one out 🙂 How do you do it I never seem to find anything of quality from car boot sales, everything I see is always murky and if I do manage to find something I like the prices are steep even for a car boot sale!

  5. I have bargain envy! those polka dot shoes are just sooooo cute! You always get the best stuff! I have never heard of the lip gloss (3 in pack) before. The Neals Yard items are really expensive in store. Another fab haul x Dawn

  6. The early bird catches the worm Caroline lol,well done you always do well but think this one raises the bar !
    I have to agree with Fiona’s comment 100% about the quality of shoes you find and shoes at my local car boots also manky !! You have a good eye for quality items ,expect you just do it automatically now,i dont go to boot sales that often but when i do i start off well looking at each table but before long i’m one of these people who end up walking down the middle of the rows just glancing and not looking properly, mainly as it all looks load of tat ,dont have the patience ,that will have to change i think ..and maybe get there earlier !I have enjoyed selling at them though .

      • yes we have moved into a real shed of a house. the bathroom picture is on my blog. it is worse than it looks in that picture as they took all the fittings. loo roll holder (It was in an impossible place anyways) and it doesn’t show the huge crack in the bath.

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