Vlog: Q&A – Ask Me Anything – Part 1


9 thoughts on “Vlog: Q&A – Ask Me Anything – Part 1

  1. Hi, I have you tube on my TV and as a subscriber I get notifications when you post a new v-log, I was soooo excited and have watched it already! I am such a nosey lady, I enjoyed it, I have broken capillaries on my cheeks and very sensitive skin but I use a scrub from the body shop it is aloe gentle exfoliator , I onlu use a small blob and make sure my face is wet . I have dry skin and it does help.and it doesn’t harm my skin. Books or booze?, so funny,what a great question. I bet your cinema room will be amazing. I loved the v-log and can’t wait for part 2 x Dawn

    • Hi Dawn, I’ve recently been using some Body Shop face products and been really impressed with them. The Nutriganics range is particularly good. Thanks for mentioning the aloe one, I’ll have a look next time I’m in there x

  2. Great vlog! I kept hearing my name – people must think I’m awfully nosy. Loved your spotted top so how about a “trip through my closet” vlog? Can’t wait for Ask Me Anything – Part 2!

    • Thank you, Pamela – Part 2 should be up next week, but it’s longer than the first one and needs more editing, so I’m hoping to have a big chunk of time available over the weekend for it!

  3. That was so FUN! 🙂 Looking forward to next installment. I’m super impressed with your editing skills…adding in the before and after photo while not interrupting the audio was very clever, I thought.

    • Funny you should mention that, Kathleen – I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to do that – it gave me a little warm glow for the rest of the day! It’s one of the reasons I love editing – there’s always something new to learn and ways of improving your videos.

  4. Loved the vlog – really good answers too – all fits with ‘getting to know you’ to go with the rest of your blog 🙂 Plus I am privileged because we have met in real life…..! NO PUDDING! That shocked me more than you know. I may now cook Shepherd’s Pie for tea. I love the way you painted the beams white too – such a transformation!!!

  5. Excellent vlog Caroline,we are such a nosey lot but great to have the questions answered ! I liked your spotted top as well and.Lovely to hear the birds chirping away in the background .Cinema room sounds amazing.The question of favourite meal is a hard one to answer,like you say depends what mood you are in ,but like your choices ,cant beat shepherds pie.bangers and mash lol
    love the white beams in your lounge !

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