Life In List Form: Things On My To Do List

Photo 22-09-2014 13 23 51I have just spent a long time downloading and trying to edit the footage of our trip to Dorset this weekend, and decided that it’s not good enough to use as a vlog.  Grrr.   Not enough commentary, too much wind noise in the outside filming, and too dark in the restaurant.  What a waste of time and effort.  Specially when this week is shaping up as it is.

This is just a small selection of my to do list this week.

  • Inaugural book club meeting at my house tomorrow morning.
  • Take watch to menders in Torquay
  • William’s hospital appointment.
  • Exeter trip with Ashley (work).
  • Take Will to Exeter for driving lesson on Sunday.
  • Clean the whole house (have already started this, but honestly I wouldn’t want to add up the time I spend cleaning in this house).
  • Edit Q&A video and upload – will be in two parts as I waffled on so much.
  • Put together two meeting agendas.
  • Finish reading and review a book I was sent by Lovereading.
  • Tidy up and declutter the office.
  • Dye my roots.
  • Work on an organisation project I’ve got going on, which has been sitting untouched on my office floor for a couple of weeks now.

Could somebody magic a few more hours in the day, please?


16 thoughts on “Life In List Form: Things On My To Do List

  1. I love lists, you have quite a long to do list, I hope the book club meeting goes well and I am really looking forward to your Q&A V-log x Dawn

  2. I distracted myself at work today by making lists…chore and grocery…and like you there is just no way I can figure out how I’m going to squeeze it all in. At least I can now scratch the grocery shop off the chore list…did it on the way home from work…whew.

  3. That must be so frustrating Caroline ,spending lots of time on your visit to Dorset vlog,still at least you tried! I was looking forward to seeing and sharing so you will have to do it again next time.Your vlog around Prague was really good . .Hope your book club meeting was a success and you enjoyed it ,what book did you decide on in the end ?
    Good luck with your to do list,i’ve had to make one this week as well .

    • Hi Lyn – book club went very well, thank you – there were half a dozen of us and they were all really nice people. Our first choice of book is Night Road by Kristen Hannah. Look forward to reading it.

  4. Hi Caroline, pleased to hear the book club got off to a good start! I’ve not read any of Kristen Hannah’s books ,im reading and enjoying The girl he left behind by JoJo Moyes .So many excellent authors to choose from and then when you find a new one you enjoy and begin reading their previous books lol .Happy Reading.

      • Caroline ,you have to read this book soon ,i gave into temptation ,put everything on hold and finished reading it earlier today .I absolutely loved it ,the first few chapters you get to know Sophie ,set in WW1,but then when the next few chapters introduce Liv and bring you back to the present time,i was so annoyed with JoJo Moyes for the timing of that as i was desperate to find out what happened to Sophie.
        All the time i was reading ,i could picture the scenes in my head as if watching a film ,so believable it was as if i was reading a true story not fiction ,in fact the phone rang and answering it i felt quite disorientated ,as in my head i was back with Sophie and Liv .including history of WW1, two love stories and a court room drama ,beautifully written this book is a gem .
        I do have a special interest in WW1,not so much the miltary ,battles side of it more social history A few years ago i went very reluctantly with my husband and son to visit the cemeteries and battlefields in Belgium and northern France,I was promised a day in Paris ,so my idea was to take plenty good books and while they were looking round i would sit in car and read if weather bad or sit in sun with book if weather allowed .What a shock i had ,the books never got opened ,never mind read as to see so many cemeteries ,memorials etc just drew me in hook line and sinker .Tyne Cot cemetery has over eleven thousand graves ,many unknown and to see that many headstones just brings home the sacrifice and loss that war caused .To see headstones with boys age 16 and even 14 and in one smaller cemetery on The Somme,called Dartmouth actually, there were two headstones side by side of a father and son killed on the same day and the oldest man to die in his sixties .
        This two weeks holiday lead me to Start collecting WW1 postcards,and my son now works for the Commonweath War Graves commission doing his dream job researching what he would be doing in his spare time anyway .And yes the visit to Paris and walking up all those steps to the second level of the Eiffel Tower ,over 700,was amazing but i am so glad that i decided to leave books in car and look around those cemeteries ,so that may explain why i enjoyed The Girl You Left Behind so much! Sorry for such a long Post Caroline think i’ve waffled on a bit too much !

      • Oooh, it sounds really good. Thank you for that, I’ll make sure I read it soon. I like wartime novels. Just started The Book of You which is intriguing. Have to take William to a driving lesson in Exeter later on this morning, so will have an hour to kill reading in the – lovely!

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