Video: April Empties


4 thoughts on “Video: April Empties

  1. Some great empties this month Caroline,and a very interesting and truthful review of the Clarins product. I like the micellar water by Garnier,i’m a bit naughty and use No 7 Wipes a lot of the time but if i use the water after, its surprising just how much makeup has been left behind by the wipe !
    Seeing that you have used a couple of Sanctuary Spa products have you dismantled the box of delights yet? mines still intact lol.
    Listening to your comment about your bedroom being tidy has made me think of another question to ask you ,do you have a cleaner now as you have so many rooms?
    Seeing your instagram of Barry M nail polish has already answered my previous question i think ,when i asked do you buy beauty products when you already have lots but just buy more lol,i do with nail polish ,lipsticks,perfume and a totally different subject books!

    • No, my box of delights in still intact – have so many products to use up and I try to use them in order to avoid things ‘going off’ (not sure if they do or not, but sure they must deteriorate over time. No cleaner sadly, would love one, but can’t really justify the cost. Used to have one when I worked full-time – such a treat coming home to a lovely clean house after work!

  2. Interesting empties Caroline. I also like Garnier micellar water and have been using it since you recommended it in a previous vlog. In agreement with you about the Dove hand cream which I bought recently but won’t be buying again.

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