Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

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As I’ve had a few questions left by my lovely readers in the comments recently, I’ve decided to put together a Q&A video to answer them – plus any more you would like to ask me.

I am quite an open person and am happy to answer anything (within reason!) you want to ask.  Whilst I’m no expert on any of the subjects I write/vlog about, I do almost always have an opinion, which I’m more than happy to share!  So if there’s anything you like to know about me, my blog, my You Tube channel, my home, my family, my life or any of my many and varied interests – beauty, cooking, books, holidays and travel, crochet, movies –  to name but a few, ask away in the comments.

Hope everybody’s having a lovely Monday – it’s warm and sunny here, a definite feeling of spring in the air 🙂


11 thoughts on “Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

  1. You mentioned in your April 7th post that you work from home for yourself – what is your business and how is that working for you? Do you try to keep a certain schedule? What is your set-up at home for your business?

    If it’s not too personal, would you comment about your experience as the mother of an only child. As the mother of an only child myself, it’s often a topic of conversation with family and friends alike.

  2. Hi Caroline! What a brill idea 🙂
    I’d like to know what your family and friends reactions were when you decided to launch your YouTube channel? Also if you have any tips for tackling nerves when filming? Karen – Confetti and Curves X

  3. Hi Caroline as well as being interested in what your working from home involves i would like to know where you get all your inspiration from,you seem to achieve so much.
    And last but not least what are your holiday plans for 2015?

  4. Just thought of a couple of beauty related questions, what beauty product can you not resist buying,even if you have lots already,and do you stick with favourite perfumes or do you buy new ones ?

  5. Sorry Caroline one more ,i know you love buying from car boot sales ,have you ever been on the other side and sold things instead of buying ? I did a few with my son when he wanted to raise funds to do a sky dive on his visit to Australia .we made a good team he was selling all boy stuff and i was selling cosmetics and girly stuff so we had a good combination of things .my takings i donated to the sky dive fund,had fun and all in a good cause .

  6. 3 questions. Because they are on the tip of my tongue:
    1)If you had to choose only one which would it be – books or booze?
    2) Favourite meal – including pudding?
    3) What would your son have been called if he had been a girl?

  7. Hi Caroline,I know you have had some amazing finds at boot sale’s and charity shops but what would you say has been your very best ? X Dawn

  8. Looking forward to this vlog! My questions are:

    1) Your favourite film ever.
    2) How many bottles of nail polish do you have and which brand is your favourite?
    3) How do you react/deal with unpleasant/rude/unreasonable people, both online (e.g. ebay buyers) and in real life?

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