Video: Sunday Car Booty – The One For People With Two Left Feet!

There was no car boot sale last weekend, so I was looking forward to this morning’s.  It was a good one, too!


21 thoughts on “Video: Sunday Car Booty – The One For People With Two Left Feet!

  1. Those shoes were a bargain. Which boot sale do you go to?

    Our local one has just started again so we’re off to sell a load of stuff next week and most weekends through the summer, to get rid of the results of the decluttering!

    • Hi Eileen – I go to a bootsale very close to home in Newton Abbot – it literally takes me two minutes to drive there, so it’s perfect for early Sunday mornings 🙂

  2. Great Sunday morning shopping! I love the Lantern Bags – can you find battery-operated tea lights instead of the ones you have to light? They are very big here in the States, especially in the autumn when carved pumpkins are everywhere. They work especially well in the faux pumpkins so you don’t have to worry about them being damaged by the flame. Love your Car Booty posts; makes me wish I was going along with you. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a car boot sale although I have made the rounds of numerous markets during the times we lived in England. Are markets still popular?

    • Hi Pamela – thanks for the idea of battery operated tealights – I have some somewhere so will dig them out. We live in a market town so still have a weekly market, but to be honest, it’s mostly full of ‘tat’! We also have an indoor fruit and veg market (and more tat) which is permanent.

  3. Forgot to say, I use those Boots No. 7 wipes – love them, very gentle and they work well. I pay $6.99 for 30 or $10.99 for the economy pack of 60 ( £4.75 and £7.50 according to the currency converter) so you got a bargain there.

  4. Some lovely finds as always, Caroline. I particularly envy you the Lush body moisturiser for 75p – excellent find. I went to a rather nice boot sale on Easter Monday, which was so good it reminded me of the wonderful boot sales I used to go to in Essex – I still really, really miss my weekly boot sale bargains from those times.

    • Hi Elizabeth – the Lush moisturiser was a bargain – I didn’t even bother knocking her down in price! I do miss your blog, wish you would start again 🙂

  5. You certainly found some bargains! I am assuming that a “boot sale” is what we would call a garage sale or flea market here in the states. It’s funny about your two left shoes. A friend of mine had the same problem with a pair of rain boot she purchased!

    • Hi there – thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment – new friends are always welcome! Yes, a boot sale is equivalent to your garage sales, basically people selling off their own unwanted belongings. I am a boot sale addict, just love going along and not knowing what I’m going to find – so much more exciting than shopping in real shops! And cheaper, of course!;)

  6. Hey! I have two left feet…what size are those? 🙂

    Are the lantern bags popular there? We’ve had them here forever, being so close to Mexico. They are called luminarias here.

  7. Fab bargains again, the two left shoes made me laugh! I wish I could get through skincare products like you though, I’d love to buy more but I hardly use anything up!

  8. Great finds as always Caroline. I went to my local car boot sale too last Sunday but it wasn’t that good, and the only ‘good’ items were priced too highly. I would love to find a Lush moisturiser but all I usually find is the ‘no name’ hotel freebie lotions. I love the Body Shop butters and I used to find them rather often at car boot sales but I don’t see them at all these days except for the mini ones every now and then – do you see the full size ones often at your local sale these days?

    BTW, from the comments I’ve noticed that many of your readers are from the States and other countries. You must have a big international network of followers!

    • Hi Ann – I don’t see BS body butters as often as I used to, although I did buy 2 orange ones for a couple of quid just before Christmas, I think, which was a great price. You’re right about the hotel freebies, though – I see loads of them too!

  9. Excellent car booting Caroline,such lovely shoes even accounting for the two left feet!I have the Lancome eye make up remover ,not used as yet.It came in a set with the Lancome Hypnose drama mascara which has been used and finished loved it.I find that the No 7 wipes are very good in removing eye make up and mascara as well as the usual face makeup,usually buy them when Boots do the five pound voucher,.

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