Video Diary & Finish 7 By Summer


9 thoughts on “Video Diary & Finish 7 By Summer

  1. Great vlog as always although I was hoping you’d take us into Waitrose with you. I’ve never been to Waitrose and would love a shop along with Caroline in Waitrose vlog! Love the Finish 7; reminds me that I have rather a collection of half-filled tubes of things that I should gather together and use it. Question: How often do you use a facial exfoliator or body wash-type exfoliator?

  2. Caroline you are turning into a proper roving reporter, even walking down the street and driving you keep going and dont get fazed .I can imagine you jumping out interviewing people like on the news lol .Nice to have a family day out and enjoy it ,the alpaca farm didnt look too crowded either ,as so many places just get mobbed on bank holidays dont they ! When my two were young they loved alpaca stories alpaca and alpaca in the park .Hope that you have enjoyed the rest of the week.

  3. The alpacas are gorgeous, aren’t they! My girls would love them. It looks like you had a very busy Easter, Caroline, I enjoyed watching your vlog xx

    • Thank you, Alison. I’m actually looking forward to school going back on Thursday now and getting back into a routine – although we’re away again next weekend, so maybe no routine until the following week!

  4. Impressed, especially with the driving and talking at the same time. When I was first driving I couldn’t have the radio on when I was parking I needed so much concentration, and I wasn’t even doing difficult parking just driving straight into a space. Look forward to the Q&A session, will that involve multi tasking too.

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