Easter Weekend – And A Few Days Off

IMG_5071Easter was lovely – very busy, but lovely.  We usually have a quite a quiet time at Easter, but this year for some reason, went by in a flurry of activity.  By the end of yesterday, Easter Monday, I felt quite exhausted!

It was really nice to catch up with various friends and family over the long weekend, and we hosted a barbecue on Easter Sunday for our best friends and extended family on both sides, which was a lovely three generation get together with us, our kids (grown-up kids mostly), and our parents.  The weather was kind and our summer house got its first airing of the year.  A minor catastrophe was averted when Ashley (who had decided to check the gas level of the barbecue literally five minutes in advance of our guests arriving) managed to find somewhere open on Easter Sunday afternoon to get a gas bottle refill!


As I mentioned above, I’m feeling a bit worn out, so I’ve decided to give myself the rest of the week off work.  It’s something I do very rarely – VERY rarely – and I think, because I work from home for myself, I don’t really realise how many hours I put in.  I am always at my desk by 7.30 am at the latest (6.30 this morning), and often working late into the evening. I switched off the computer at 9.30 pm last night.  This is not to say ‘poor me’ by any means, because I love what I do, and the flexibility it brings, but I do find it hard to switch off and step back, I must admit.

IMG_5076We are having a family day out today, the first for ages, and going to the Alpaca Park in North Devon.  I’m quite excited, as I’m weirdly fascinated by these creatures.  I’m vlogging my day today, so you can come with us, too!

Anyway, I shall finish here.  I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, and I will do my very best to get around everybody’s blog and do some commenting a bit later on.


13 thoughts on “Easter Weekend – And A Few Days Off

  1. Looks like you all had a lovely Easter Caroline,and its good you have given yourself the rest of the week off,sometimes bank hols and entertaining leave you exhausted .Just being interested or nosey lol but was wondering what your working from home involves?
    On to a completeley different subject now ,did you have the grand opening of your home cinema ?
    we saw The Water Diviner, with Russell Crowe ,powerful story ,very sad in parts but very good.

  2. What a crowd you had for Easter! Your home is looking lovely, I remember the vlog tours you did after you moved in, a lot of decorating has been done, I can’t wait to be at the decorating stage here!

  3. Hi Caroline,
    What a lovely home and you are so blessed with family and friends. I too don’t realize how many hours I sit at my laptop writing. I push myself harder than even my editor. Taking a week off is such a wonderful idea. My characters are demanding I finish their story, but in the next couple weeks, I’m going to take your example and enjoy some time for myself. Happy Easter and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. What a happy weekend! Thanks for your lovely comments over on my blog. I’ve been so surprised that such a quick and innocuous post gets everybody I know commenting! (I only have 34 followers on bloglovin, so more than 10 people commenting feels like a stampede!)

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