Birds In My Garden

I’m back again!  It feels like ages since I last blogged, but in fact is only a week.  I’m pleased to report that my father is making good progress and recovering slowly.  It was nice to spend a couple of days with him and Mum last week, and to get further reassurance from the doctor that things are moving in the right direction.

Today’s post is about the birds I’ve seen in my garden over the winter.  I love feeding the birds every day and watching them from the kitchen window, and I wanted to keep a record of all the different types I’ve seen.  During the spring and summer they tend not to feed at the bird table or from the feeders so much, and already I’m seeing less of some types, presumably as they can get food elsewhere as the weather improves.


Blackbird: a regular visitor, who prefers to eat his food from the ground than the bird table.


Goldfinches: I’ve had up to 10 of these at a time, queuing for the niger seed feeder!  They don’t come at all in the summer: I shall miss them.

Coal Tit 2

Coal tits: not regular visitors, but I’ve seen one occasionally over the winter months.


Long-tailed tit: had to look these up in my bird book to find out what they were!  Occasional visitors, who love fatballs.


Great Tit: together with the blue tits, these are the most regular visitors to my garden.


Ring collar doves: Almost always in a pair, these birds love to sunbathe on the patio with all their feathers puffed up.


Blue tit: there is one particular blue tit who is such a bully – he chases other birds, even though many are three or four times his size, away from the feeders on a regular basis.


Seagulls: when the weather is bad, the seagulls often come inland to see what I’ve got on offer food-wise, and they will eat almost anything, including leftover cooked vegetables!  The only trouble is that they don’t leave any for any of the smaller birds  – they really are gannets (see what I did there?!)


Robin: a regular visitor, and far less territorial than the blue-tit, contrary to popular belief.


Wood pigeons: another species that will hoover up everything without leaving anything for the smaller birds.  Not my favourites.


Crow: a pair of these often sit in the middle of the lawn, but don’t come up to the bird table (at least not when I’m around!)


Chaffinch – a rare visitor, who seems to love any sort of seed mix.


Magpie: they don’t come up close, but sit in the trees.  All the other birds are nervous when they’re around.


Sparrow: peanuts seem to be popular with these little birds.


Bullfinch: a beautiful bird – I’ve only seen one twice this year.


Thrush: I remember seeing these often as a child, but they seem far rarer now.  Not a regular visitor, but one I’ve seen a few times over the winter.

My parents often get a pair of jays in their garden, and occasionally a woodpecker as well.  I haven’t seen either of these in mine, but will keep a lookout now I know what they look like.

Do you feed the birds?


14 thoughts on “Birds In My Garden

  1. Just the other day I mentioned that I was missing the woodpeckers that used to visit our bird feeders in Scotland. It doesn’t seem sensible to feed birds from a third floor flat though there are feeders in our communal garden its not like seeing them from the window. You’ve certainly got a good selection of visitors. Pleased to hear the family new is good, have a great week.

  2. Your post has just reminded me that I should have refilled the birdfeeers over the weekend! I get all the same birds as you apart from a bullfinch, I am pretty sure I haven’t seen one of them in my garden. I have a couple of woodpeckers who come to the peanut feeder, and a little wren that hops about around the base of my flower tubs. Oh, and a sparrowhawk has visited once. 😦

  3. Ahh, lovely birds! The only one I’ve caught on camera here is the woodpecker, so will make an effort to photograph more. Know what you mean about the niger seed, we buy it in bulk now! Those long tailed tits are so cute, they fly in en masse here, feed, then fly off again.

  4. Glad your dad is recovering! Lovely pics Caroline, we too are seeing an influx of wildlife around us here too – but more coastal birds and of course a few little garden visitors too!! Makes for good viewing when drinking coffee in the mornings 😀 Karen x

  5. So glad to hear your Dad is doing well Caroline.
    Love watching the birds too – recently got one of those feeders you attach to the window. Took a while for the birds to get used to it, but plenty of visitors now – mostly cheeky blue tits!

  6. We cant really feed the birds because we have lots of cats around and I fear that we are inviting them to come and be dinner for the neighbours cats.We have a little robin that is visiting at the moment and I am really scared for him. I am glad you Dad is on the mend X Dawn

  7. Lovely bird pics. I do like to see them but don’t feed them because I’d worry about rats, also they seem to give my garden a wide berth..probably because of Prue and the abundance of other cats in the area who like to visit it. x

    • My cats seem to stay on the other side of the house, luckily, and don’t often venture up to where the birds feed. I’m pleased, as I’ve never been able to feed the birds anywhere we’ve lived before due to the cats.

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