Entrance Hall Tidy Up

We have two entrances at the front of our house, and the one everybody uses the most is currently a utility room/hallway/storage area type room, which by its very nature seems to be constantly a dumping ground, and is never clean and tidy.

I’ve been meaning to sort it out for ages, and this weekend, I finally tackled it, so I thought I’d show you a quick before and after of one area of it.

Photo 21-03-2015 11 25 07

And afterwards ….

Photo 21-03-2015 11 48 03

A quick tidy up, removal of the nasty plastic drawer unit, and the addition of a new wicker trunk to house all the shoes, and it looked a whole lot better.

The trunk is the larger of a set of two, from Matalan, which cost £60 for the pair.

It’s a manic week here again: I’ve packed a week’s worth of work into the first two days of this week, as I’m off to Bournemouth to see my parents again tomorrow for a couple of days.

Dad has another appointment with the consultant on Thursday evening to see how he is progressing (not great at all, though there has been some improvement) and hopefully to get a treatment plan going forward, which I’m attending with him and Mum.

I’ll be back on Friday, which is the last day of school. I cannot BELIEVE the Easter Hols are here already!


7 thoughts on “Entrance Hall Tidy Up

  1. I don’t think it looked bad before, but once I scrolled down to the after it looks very nice and tidy, and the wicker trunk does indeed elevate the class factor. 🙂 I should take inspiration. My most used entrance leads into our laundry room, and has been on the to-do project list for far too long. It was going to be done last fall, paint and light fixture selected and purchased, but the kitchen moved forward, and since the laundry housed our makeshift kitchen, everything there got put on hold.

    Also wanted to mention that I finished Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, and I didn’t really enjoy it. It was very dark. I don’t need to like all, or even most of the characters, but it’s very difficult to make it through when I don’t like ANY of them. I felt sorry for the mother, but didn’t really like her. And the pregant girlfriend! Ewwwww. On the other hand, the setting was very near by to extended family’s home, so I spent a lot of vacations driving through the area, so that was kind of interesting. I hear the film version will be out this year.

    Forgive my rambling…I have a fairly high fever at the moment. Caught the husband’s bug. grrrr

    • Very interested to read your thoughts on Dark Places, Kathleen – much the same as mine! I didn’t know it was being made into a film – will look out for it. Do hope you feel better soon. x

  2. Your “before” looks better than most of my “afters”! I do see the difference, though, and the basket is a great touch.

    I found your blog on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge page. Good luck in April!

    • Hi Nadine – thanks for your visit and for taking the time to comment. Sadly due to personal circumstances I’m not going to be able to take part in the Blogging A to Z Challenge – unexpected family issues have meant I haven’t had any time to prep for it at all. It’s a real shame, as I was looking forward to it.

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