Vlog: Sunday Car Booty #3

Sorry, I know it’s two videos in a row, but I just wanted to share this morning’s bargain purchases with you – I promise we’ll be back to written posts again this coming week!

Going to the boot sale on a Sunday morning makes me happy – there’s always a nice atmosphere, people are chatty and interesting and it’s just a general good vibe.  I drove all the way home with a smile on my face and feeling generally uplifted this morning. Even getting up at silly o’clock is easy when the mornings are getting lighter and warmer.  Hooray for Sunday Car Booty, I say!

Have a happy Sunday, everybody!


7 thoughts on “Vlog: Sunday Car Booty #3

  1. Gosh what bargains .now not only am i envious of your shoe cupboard and shoe collection but your car boot bargains as well !
    Last weekend we visited Maidenhead to see our son and driving past Windsor race course was surprised to see a car boot sale on there .Unfortunately we didnt have time to stop and look round on that occasion but going to try and visit again soon as i think could be some very nice things there to look at and buy .I googled it to see how often its held (weekly ) but was surprised to read that buyers as well as sellers have to pay to enter as at our local car boots its only if you are selling you have to pay !

    • I reckon you’re right, Lynn, Windsor would be a great place for car booting! There is a bootsale near me which buyers have to pay to go into, which always makes me a bit cross. Without buyers, there’d be no sale!

  2. I totally agree Caroline,buyers should not have to pay at a car boot ! The boot sale times were between 9am and 3pm,so good times,but if you wanted to look round between 9am and 11 am the cost is £2.50, so for the four of us would or will cost £10 ! crazy ! After 11 only £1.

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