Vlog: Decluttering My Shoe Collection

As part of my recent spring cleaning and general reorganisation of things around here, I went through my shoe cupboard this week.  You may need to make a cup of tea – it’s rather a long video ….

Hope you enjoyed watching.  Now I’ve made some room, I’m off to have a look for some new spring/summer shoes!


12 thoughts on “Vlog: Decluttering My Shoe Collection

  1. Can we win a prize if we guess how long the empty shelves stay empty? Great blog. The music reminded me of the bit in the Bridget Jones film where Bridget’s mum models on the Home Shopping Channel with the bloke who is orange….. you did well getting rid of 10 pairs. I would be too ashamed to admit how many pairs I have….

  2. I enjoyed watching the shoe vlog a lot. I have noticed that most of your shoes are high heeled, oh how I wish I could walk in high heeled shoes properly but I find it awkward and uncomfortable. Talking about shoes – did you manage to get the Louboutins fixed? I was hoping you would show them in this vlog.

    • I did get the Louboutins fixed, Ann – it only cost about £15, but the cobbler warned me that there would always be a slight weakness in the heel due to the mend. Bearing in mind I’m of slightly larger than average build (!) I worried that the heel would snap again while I was wearing them, and really they are too high for me, so they’re sadly not for me. Beautiful shoes, though.

  3. LOVED this vlog (only thing I would say is I don’t think you need the background music – I mean shoes are more than interesting in their own right lol). You really are a wedges and high-heeled girl aren’t you? I have never had a pair of wedges, maybe I should give them a go.

    • Point taken about the music – tbh I only put it on because I’m trying to teach myself new editing skills with iMovie, so it was a bit of an experiment! Wedges are a great way of wearing heels – can’t recommend them enough. 🙂

  4. What a lot of shoes. I don’t have many pairs, and even less since I’ve been having a clear out this week. Actually, I hate shoe shopping as I find it really hard to find comfortable shoes so I tend to find a pair which fit really well and stick with them.

  5. An amazing shoe collection Caroline,i’m quite envious as due to a knee injury i cant wear high heels any more ,i’m still able to wear wedge heels but only low wedges ,i find these the best of all but sometimes long to wear them a bit higher .
    I think i’m even more envious of your shoe cupboard, so neat and tidy all lined up on shelves,the majority of my shoes are on the bottom of the wardrobe floor in a not very tidy pile lol .

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