Sunday Car Booty & A Quick Update

First of all, thank you so much to everybody for all the lovely comments on my post about my Dad last week.  I know my mum read them all as well and was very touched by all your good wishes.  So, thank you – it really is appreciated.

Unfortunately, although the treatment he had has gone some way towards improving the situation, my father is still on some heavy duty pain relief, is unable to walk very far at all and is still in substantial pain at times.    He has a further appointment with the consultant a week on Thursday, and I’m going back to Bournemouth to spend another few days with them and take them to the hospital for the appointment.  I do think the best option is going to be surgery, but I get the impression that the consultant would rather continue with less invasive procedures at the moment.  We shall see.

On another note, my back problems have gone away, thank goodness.  I’m almost 100% confident now that it was stress related, particularly as a friend emailed me and said her husband suffers from the same thing.  Stress is a funny old thing, isn’t it?

The last week has gone in something of a blur.  I’ve been extremely for some reason tired and sleeping 10 hours a night some nights.  Eating all the wrong things, too.  Hmmmph.

This coming week looks to be a busy one, as I need to pack a lot in as I’m going to be away the following week.  Today I was up with the lark, wide awake at 6 am (does anybody else have a body clock that makes them fall asleep by 9pm but wide awake before it’s even light?  I know I’m a morning person, but it’s getting ridiculous!).

So I went to the boot sale first thing – it was rubbish (probably because it’s Mother’s Day), and I only managed to buy two things.  Unheard of!


Brand new pack of Winnie the Pooh removable wall stickers, which I paid £1.50 for, and a pretty Monsoon summer top for £1.  At one point I thought I was going to come home empty-handed!

I’ve just done my menu plan for the week, written a shopping list, and planned my blog posts.  I’m now off to write the mother of all To Do Lists, so I can hit the ground running tomorrow morning.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend, and wishing you a fabulous week to come x


12 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty & A Quick Update

  1. What a cute top! It looks like spring. I know here they try every option outside of surgery first before they do surgery on the spine. I suppose it’s because for every success story with spinal surgery there is a no real improvement or even a sometimes worse outcome. If your dad is at all like my Pete, I know he doesn’t like to take pain meds and many of them nauseate him or cause dizziness issues.

    • Thank you, Barbara. It does feel as though Spring is on the way here – it’s warm and sunny today – lovely! You’re right about the pain meds – and my father is on anti-sickness meds to stop the nausea as well.

  2. I’m the opposite of you, last night wide awake most of the night, tea and digestive biscuits around 5 am which always settles me and then wonderful sleep till around 9. Glad you are feeling better, fingers crossed for your Dad.

  3. We drove to the car boot yesterday and carried on driving past as there were half a dozen cars!
    I hope your days in B’mouth this week aren’t too stressful, sending lots of get well wishes to all.
    Lisa x

  4. You body, even if the back is better, is tired I bet – hence your early nights. I think you may handle stress like me – and even though it is mental anguish it EXHAUSTS you physically. With the worst of the school stuff these last few months I have been so drained I have been in bed by 8pm. Even before my kids. Because you just need some peace and at least asleep your mind (should be able to) can rest.
    Hope that the week on Thursday comes around soon – you will be more organised knowing when you are going – still worried but at least able to plan. xx

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