Vlog: Day In the Life & February Favourites

A bit of a ramble, which I recorded last Friday.  You may need a cup of tea – it goes on a bit …!


15 thoughts on “Vlog: Day In the Life & February Favourites

  1. Love your vlog as always. Congratulations to William – ugh, Chemistry, I can’t imagine. Wish I lived near Brighton; would love to meet up for coffee and a chat. You were distracted by the birds and didn’t tell us what you had for lunch – I was looking forward to that although I’m sure it was something typically British which would make me green with envy! I so miss English bread and I miss my local British shop that carried it albeit frozen but it was great for toast.

    Had a walk down memory lane when you posted the Cussons Carex soaps as my cousins worked for Cussons (sounds like an awful pun, doesn’t it!) but anyway, some of my childhood memories include using bashed bars of Imperial Leather soap as they were allowed to take them home/purchase them for next to nothing.

    The Garden Escape palette looks beautiful – you are so clever with your eye shadow, it’s really inspiring me to branch out as I am a bit slapdash about my eye makeup. Must.do.better. And finally, I love the grey pillows tied with the black ribbon bows. Did you buy them like that or make them?

    Have a great week!

    • HI Pamela – the pillows on the bed I bought from House of Fraser, I think, a few years ago. They were part of a range that Kylie Minogue supposedly ‘designed’, and rather annoyingly have her signature ‘Kylie’ embroidered onto the bottom corner of the each cushion. (I just liked the colours and design, not a huge Kylie fan!).

  2. now I need to go through my kitchen cupboards! Your hair looks fab! What shampoo do you use?

    Great news for William, a future chemist? Or scientist? Good for him. Too many people trash teenagers of today, they are this, they are that. Good teenagers get a bad rap with the rest of them that dont try. You must be over the moon that someone has seen a spark in him and is trying to grow that talent. Signs of an excellent school me thinks? Good job William, well done!

    • Thanks, Sol! Current shampoo is a poundshop find – Gliss Ultimate Volume. Quite impressed with it. William loves physics and chemistry, two of his favourite subjects, so it’s a great opportunity for him. x

  3. What a great vlog, you’re a natural in front of the camera. Well done to William, he must be working very hard. My son’s at uni doing a degree in Physics with Astrophysics, it’s a good degree to have but the sciences take a lot of hard work. He’s in uni more than twice the hours that his friends who are doing different degrees are and then there’s all the actual work to complete. All this talk of students having a great social life, Daniel doesn’t know what a night out is at the moment.

  4. Just a thought, and this is probably too late and you will have been to the charity shop by now, but nurseries and early years centres are normally grateful for scoops, funnels and old pots and pans for using outside in the sand or in the mud kitchen, or even to make a music wall, banging pots and pans with old spoons and pieces of wood!

    • Oooh, that’s a good idea. Too late this time, but I’ll definitely remember that next time I have a clear out, as I have a friend who works in a nursery. Thank you so much for the idea! 🙂

  5. I’m not far from Brighton Caroline. Will be away at the end of June but if your visit to Brighton is earlier I may be able to meet up. You must be very proud of William.

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