Monday Goals

Two words: Epic.  Fail.

it was all going well until halfway through the week.  The weather wasn’t great, so getting outside and walking wasn’t as appealing as it could have been.  My Dad was rushed into hospital by ambulance in the middle of the night on Wednesday with terrible pain in his back, which was very stressful all round, so I caved and had a couple of glasses of wine on Thursday evening.  And Parents’ Evening at school dragged on later than expected, so we had a mid-week takeaway (Domino’s pizza).

Pretty disastrous all round, really.

So a quick recap of where I’m at with last week’s goals.

  • Get outside for a walk every day – managed three walks.  One in the rain.
  • Track my eating. Write down everything I eat.  Was OK until Thursday when it all went to pot.
  • Eat my five a day. I managed six out of seven days.  It was hard, though – I’m really not a fruit fan AT ALL, and it was quite an eye-opener how difficult it was to get up to five portions in a day without fruit.
  • No alcohol Monday to Thursday. Mon to Wed ok.  Thursday fail.  Sunday I didn’t have a drink, though, so that was good.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water every day. Yessss!!!!!  Just reminding myself I need to do this has been really helpful in focusing my mind on keeping my water bottle close by and remembering to keep drinking throughout the day.

In good news, I have made excellent progress with spring cleaning and decluttering, particularly in the kitchen, which was one of the areas that I hadn’t looked at since moving in to this house over a year ago, so that’s all good.

Right, goals for this week.

  • Track my eating, and try to up my fruit & veg intake.
  • Get out for a walk four times (inc. one long one).
  • Go through my wardrobes.  Time for a spring clothes sort out.
  • Finish kitchen spring clean.
  • Finish my bathroom spring clean & Will’s bathroom spring clean.
  • Get my Inbox back to zero – I did this a while back and it was such a good feeling …
  • Do some work on my 50 before 50 list.

Have a great week, everybody!

PS My Dad is was given a bit of gas and air and dismissed with no offer of further help at all from the NHS later on the day he was taken to hospital.  He is still in agony.  Thankfully he has private medical insurance and was able to see a consultant later that same day, had a scan on Friday and gets the results later this week.  Fingers crossed.


22 thoughts on “Monday Goals

  1. I hope your dad’s soon on the mend, it’s such a worrying time when a family member is ill. I think you’ve done jolly well with your goals, I find that writing down what you eat really does help.

  2. Yep all crossed for your dad. Impressed by your water intake missus M and I bet all your extra trips to the loo count as exercise too!
    As well as note what and when you eat, mary ?/10 on how hungry you are WHEN you eat (10 = starving etc). Then you can see if you eat out of hunger, grazing just or boredom. That was a great insight when I did food tracking (as was hiding the book when I didn’t want to see my mistakes).

  3. I think you did extremely well and don’t blame you at all for having a glass or two after all the stress and worry about your dad. Hope he is doing ok and that he has some good news and advice soon.
    Lisa x

    • Oh me too. There are very few veg I don’t like, any sort of hot or cold veg is 100 times better than fruit, I think. I can just about tolerate (but don’t enjoy) a smoothie, but that’s it. Thanks for the kind words about my dad – all downhill at the moment, but he sees the consultant for the scan results this evening – fingers crossed.

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