Vlog: February Empties


14 thoughts on “Vlog: February Empties

  1. Enjoyed your vlog Caroline. I don’t use any of those products but a great one I have recently discovered is Revitabrow, if like me you have thinning eyebrows. It’s not cheap, £40 for a lip gloss size, but cheaper than eyebrow tattooing. Have been using it for a six weeks now and seen a real difference. I thought that phone ringing was mine and started to look for it! x

    • Sadly I have the opposite problem of thinning eyebrows, Fiona – just call me Dennis Healey!! Luckily they’re quite pale though, so that helps. My mum might well be interested in Revitabrow, though, as she was recently talking about having sparse brows, so I shall definitely pass on the recommendation to her – thank you 🙂

  2. Great vlog, I settled down with a coffee (and a semi healthy biscuit) and really enjoyed watching. I quite like L’Occitane, am using their vanilla flower hand cream at present, lovely smell. I wish you’d come round here and create a few empties for me, I’m over stocked again after the move.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Jenny. Doing the empties videos certainly spurs me on to get products finished, I must say – it’s always a reminder to use up those nearly finished products languishing by the side of the bath!

  3. I really envy anyone who can have a smelly bath…..we daren’t as our cess pit can’t cope with it only showers. I am using the water cleanser but didn’t realise you can use it for eyes as well.

  4. Am really enjoying your vlogs, Caroline. Re: the Burt Bees Foot Cream – I have to say I really, really do not like the coconut smell of it at all – though it is very effective. I must confess to having bought the humungous tube from a boot sale at least three years ago (when we were still in Essex) so maybe the slightly unpleasant smell of the coconut is because the cream is too old. I picked up a Sanctuary Spa Intensive Rescue Heel Balm in a charity shop recently and that one is lovely though, having just had a quick sniff of it, it may have a hint of lavender so maybe not one for you.

    • Having read your comment, I just went and unsealed the BB Foot Cream to give it a sniff. I like the texture, and it doesn’t smell unpleasant to me, but the initial coconut smell quickly seems to dissipate into a sort of pepperminty fragrance, which is a bit disappointing.

  5. I love your vlogs. I especially like the parts where you hold up the product, sigh a little and say, “Oh… it was all right…” …it just waits for the ‘but’ to come but says it all already! I too get very frustrated with the products (Lancome especially) where the packaging has the amount left hidden…especially the push pump dispensers… is it blocked…am I not pushing hard enough….is it empty?

    • Thanks so much – you’re right about other people’s tips, I’ve bought some brilliant products that I’d never have looked at twice after seeing recommendations on blogs and vlogs 🙂

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