The New New Year


It’s almost March, the mornings and evenings are significantly lighter, the trees are showing signs of bursting into life, and I think it’s just about time to throw off that wintery, hibernating feeling and get going again!  Winter always does that to me: low energy levels, a lack of enthusiasm, and generally wanting to shut the world out and spend as much time under a blanket as possible.

 But this morning, I’m feeling full of beans and raring to go. I’ve been making lists and plans, and thinking about the oncoming spring and summer seasons, – I really feel like the beginning of March is the new ‘New Year’ for me.

So it’s time to start thinking about

  • Health – getting a bit fitter, eating better, and cutting out the midweek drinking.
  • Home – decluttering and spring cleaning, getting rid of stuff I don’t need, tidying and generally organizing.

On that basis, I have set myself some weekly goals, which I thought I would blog and update each Monday for a few weeks on here. This week’s goals are as follows:

  • Get outside for a walk every day – it doesn’t matter if it’s short or long, but it’s all about getting into the habit of getting moving on a daily basis, and getting some fresh air.
  • Track my eating. Write down everything I eat.
  • Eat my five a day. Every day.
  • No alcohol Monday to Thursday. This is quite easy, as I generally try and do this anyway, but I wanted to set it as a specific goal, just in case!
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water every day. I used to be really good at drinking water, but have got out of the habit over the winter.

I haven’t set any home-specific goals this week because I think there’s enough in that list already, but I do have plans to go through every room this week and ensure that it’s tidy and everything’s in its place, before I start the decluttering and reorganization process. I’m quite a tidy person anyway, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

is it just me, or does anybody else feel a surge of enthusiasm and activity when spring is (almost!) in the air?


24 thoughts on “The New New Year

  1. I brought a cheap £10 pedometer off eBay (am planning a post on it soon) and it was fantastic for getting me to do more and more steps each day as I do love a bit of competition with myself.

    And no alcohol…in the week – that’s madness ;o)

    Victoria x

    • I’ve dipped in and out of MFP, Karen, but I’m a bit old-fashioned and I do like a pen and paper style list – although I use Trello, which is a great app for list-making as well. x

  2. I think it’s easier to keep up with these things if you set yourself goals. I’m loving the lighter mornings and evenings, it really does inspire you to get going again after winter when you see that spring is on the way.

  3. The trees are really blooming around here and that does give one a surge of enthusiasm. Definitely with you on the walking every day, the dog helps on that one! I have to get back to drinking more water – I find it so difficult when the weather is cold. Must invest in one of those giant cups with a straw as it seems to go down faster that way. Happy New New Year.

  4. Let’s put it this way, the Dunelm Mill catalogue came home with me and has several items circled, the paint charts are coming from B&Q on Wednesday and I am thinking that this Easter should be a good time to do some decorating!!
    Spring always fills me with hope and plans, even if I don’t get around to most of them!

  5. I’ve started going for walks, as I’m so unfit and think this will help to ease me into it – plus it is free = bonus.
    I only drink water, as I don’t like hot drinks (aside from a hot choc about once a month) and can’t drink alcohol, fizzy drinks or fruit juice. However I love water and have no problem drinking it morning, noon and night. Good job really.
    Look forward to hearing how you get on.

  6. I find drinking out of a bottle helps me too, and it’s so much easier to track. When it’s hot here I have no option but to drink or the migraines are awful. It’s meant I’ve had 2l+ most days since moving though and my skin has never looked so good!

  7. We had really warm weather last week and I swear I saw shoots coming up from the ground. Said shoots are now covered in a foot of snow and anyone knocking on my front door could be decapitated with icicles hanging from porch. So not quite time for spring clothes yet. I also need to tidy more. It normally happens 11pm before bed but I do feel a sense of achievement. Your house looked ever so tidy in your car boot sale blog…. lovely flowers – they always cheer me up no end!

  8. Hello! It’s lovely to find your blog – thanks for visiting mine! I agree that the scent of spring in the air does make you want to think about clearing out and making space for the new season. I’ve finally made a start on our attic by putting some things on Ebay but it’s going to be a long job! xx

  9. That looks a good and achievable list. I had a stomach bug last week and haven’t got my mojo back yet. I could do with that new, new year boost! I really need it to start feeling like spring. Had to scrape ice off the car again this morning. Oh, and I badly need to drink more water. I’m terrible at remembering to drink.

  10. Having the lighter mornings and evenings definitely makes you feel better. I’m starting to think about decorating and Graham is talking about getting the garden fence sorted, Spring must be on it’s way!
    Lisa x

  11. Have you seen the apt, myfitnesspal, it tracks your food, and has a bar-code reader so you can scan items, it shows the breakdown of food. I love mine, I have stopped eating yoghurt because of the amounts of sugar in them. You can also track your walking.

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