Vlog: Sunday Car Booty #1

Ages since I’ve done a second hand shopping post over here, but this morning’s car boot sale was a good one, so here’s a quick video of my purchases.

Happy Sunday, everybody!


19 thoughts on “Vlog: Sunday Car Booty #1

  1. Really enjoyed this short film. Great finds, a bit envious of the Dior and Nuxe bargains:) I went to my local car boot sale this morning too and it was rubbish, bought absolutely nothing. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. I was waiting for some shoes! You did really well on the cosmetics/toiletries front today. Definitely worth going this morning.
    Thanks for the comment Caroline, didn’t think you were poking your nose in! We had had a conversation about surnames in relation to the website but this one got through!
    All changed now.
    Lisa x

  3. I really enjoy your Vlogs, always interesting. I think I’ve only been to two car boot sales in my life and they were both complete rubbish, there again I never get up early enough to be out and home by 8.30.

  4. I have never heard of Nuxe! I am interested to know when the Quality Street tin is from! Do you know there is no such thing as carboot sales over here!! You’d be lost!!

  5. Utterly jealous over your fabulous toiletries bargains there, Caroline. Oh, for a decent car boot sale in this area. Only managed to go to two last summer – one was fabulous and the other crapulous. Really enjoying your vlogs, by the way.

  6. Enjoyed your Vlog Caroline – great way to show all your car boot finds, and what a haul! You’ve got some fab things there. Don’t think it’ll come as a major surprise to hear I like the old Quality Street tin….love an old tin! And I’ve sold a fair number of owls made from a pair of curtains that match that duvet!

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