Frock It: The Grammys & BAFTAs

I haven’t done a Frock It post for aaagggeeesss, so with the recent glut of awards ceremonies, it seemed like the perfect time to resurrect my celeb fashion series.

Overall, I was disappointed with the fashion at the BAFTAs: with a few exceptions, it all just seemed a bit dull.  The Grammys on the other hand, were the perfect fodder for a Frock It post, so without further ado, let’s go!


I’m always interested to see what ‘women of a certain age’ wear on the red carpet, and I thought Julie Walters looked amazing, clearly proving that the older generation don’t need to steer clear of head to toe sequins, in this silver dress.  Fabulous!


Imelda Staunton chose this green dress, which I didn’t like at all – it reminded me, both in colour and style, of 80s bridesmaids dresses.


Over at the Grammys, Jane Fonda managed to look pretty good in this shiny green catsuit.  Not my favourite fashion moment of the evening, but hey, considering she’s 77, hats off to her, I say!  Not that keen on the bouffy wig hair, though.


 Leave it to Madonna to lower the tone, as ever.  Don’t get me wrong, I think she looks amazing for 56, but is this really an appropriate outfit for an awards ceremony?  Not in my book, and particularly not when she felt the need to do this …


Ewwww.  Just … eewwww.


Moving swiftly on, I thought that Felicity Jones looked lovely at the BAFTAs in this unusual black and lilac dress.  Though I do wish the fashion for overlong skirts would go away – I really think that having your skirt dragging along the floor makes dresses look far less elegant than they actually are.


This was my very favourite dress of the Grammys – singer Ariana Grande in Versace.  Silver and white is always a good combination, and I love her satin shoes and pretty clutch bag, too.


Actress Romola Garai chose quite an unusual look for an evening event, but I loved the bright colour combination and particularly the shoes.

Now let’s move onto some of the looks I didn’t like so much …


Kim Kardashian wore what looks like a blingy gold dressing gown.  Strange.


Jenna Coleman chose a dress with a strange cutout that looked like it had been refashioned from a pair of curtains similar to pair my granny had in the mid-80s.


Rihanna wore this.  I am rendered almost speechless by it.  It puts me in mind of one of those knitted toilet roll holder dolls that people had when I was a child.


Actress Laura Haddock wore this dress, which is fairly innocuous as far as the style goes.  However, the colour made me think of greying underwear that has seen better days and been through the washing machine too many times, which was a bit of a shame.


And the prize for the most ridiculous outfit of the evening goes to Pharrell Williams’ wife (sorry, don’t know her name) who decided that a tracksuit style onesie was appropriate attire for a red carpet.  Oh dear.

Oh, I do love an Awards Ceremony, don’t you?


12 thoughts on “Frock It: The Grammys & BAFTAs

  1. Love it! I had to laugh at your comment about Rihanna’s dress – that’s exactly how I saw it featured – her dress next to one of those knitted/crocheted doll toilet roll covers!

  2. and the winner is……….Julie Walters! (as far as I’m concerned)
    Madonna you are a menopausal woman, stop embarrassing your children and Rihanna,….words fail me!

  3. Frock It, Frock It, FROCK IT!!! I’m almost jumping up and down to see it back! I think Jane Fonda was just showing off that she could still fit into something she found in her closet from the 70s. Way to look like a granny, Jane. Hope she was seated next to Pharrell’s wife (Helen something?) as they seemed similarly attired to me. And what’s up with Pharrell’s short pants all the time? That’s almost as annoying to me as the overly long gowns that should definitely be hemmed up. I wonder how much Kim K spent on bronzer alone for the evening…geez how did her skin breath? Rihanna tp cover! ROTFLOL! Madonna…good grief honey, your boobies and booty’s saggin’…cover them up!

    Julie Walters outshone them all in class and beauty!

  4. I also love Julie Walter’s dress. I mean doesn’t she look graceful and sexy compared to Madonna… sometimes there are just no words….
    I wonder whatever happened to all those crinoline (?) toilet roll covers from 1970s?

  5. I HOWLED with laughter seeing the ones you didn’t like! I totally agree with your comments on the dresses- WHAT was she thinking with the toilet roll lady dress and the nasty track/jumpsuit! x

  6. JW did look very elegant and if I could look as fab as JF does in a cat suit at my age I’d wear one everyday! What was Rhianna thinking, at least she covered up this time, makes a change from letting it all hang out.
    Lisa x

  7. Julie Walters looks amazing. Imelda Staunton looks hideous, I cant get over her being the nasty one in Harry Potter… Jane Fonda! WOW Madonna obviously is going to bring out a book or an album, also looks hideous. Felicity Jones skirt looks to me as if it is puckered somewhere on the netting near the hips. Maybe it would have been better if it wasnt cut that way around the hips.
    Ariana Grande’s dress is ok and isnt following the romantic look. I couldnt wear it myself. Romola Gara, I really dislike this outfit. it looks like the clothes from a dressing up box thrown on. Awful it does nothing for her at all, it makes her look washed out.
    Kim Kardashian is trying to look like Jennifer Lopez in that green plunging dress. Jenna Coleman, her dress is like that one in the advert where the lady is wearing it backwards. Rihanna, wow, toilet dolly.
    Laura Haddock, her dress would have looked stunning in colbalt blue I think.
    Pharrell Williams’ wife, lol that is like the scummy mummys who take their kids to the school opposite in their Onesies. It is like a mixture of Vicki pollards shell suits and a primark onesie. the stylist should be sacked.
    Massive comment! lol Sorry.

    • I like a massive comment! I leave quite a lot myself! Agree about Laura Haddock’s dress in blue – that dirty grey colour is just awful, though. And I laughed at what you said about Jenna Coleman’s frock – very true!

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