Friday 5: My Favourite Yankee Candles


I’ve been a scented candle fiend for years and years, but it’s only relatively recently that I’ve become a fan of Yankee Candles.  My friend Lisa always laughs at the number of Yankees I have around the house, and swears that there are more every time she comes round!  Totally not true, of course *ahem*!

Anyway, I thought that for today’s Friday 5 I would share my current top 5 with you.


1.   Christmas Cookie

This literally smells good enough to eat.  Vanilla and baking and sugar, and all kinds of delicious yumminess.  Not particularly evocative of Christmas, for me, but a lovely cosy, wintery scent that makes the house smell all warm and welcoming.

2.   Sugared Apple

This was another one from the Christmas range but again, it doesn’t particularly smell of Christmas to me, but has a lovely sweet, fresh scent, which is subtler than a lot of the other Yankees.  Nice for daytime.

3.   Cranberry Ice

Another good daytime candle, this one is less sweet and is a really good one for freshening up the house from any lingering cooking smells, I’ve found.  Sharp and zesty.

4.   Midnight Jasmine

This one is my perfect summer’s evening candle.  It is rich and decadent and has that heady, deep floral scent that immediately transports me to sitting outside with a glass of something delicious in some gorgeous hot country on a summer’s evening.

5.   Waikiki Melon

And I’ve saved the best until last.  Heaven in a jar.  Honestly.  Summer and fruit, and it just makes me smile every time I light it.  Almost as good as being in the tropics.  *Note to self: Let’s not get carried away here, Caroline, it’s just a candle.*

Anyway, despite my friend Lisa’s claims, it’s a while since I’ve treated myself to a new Yankee.  And I’ll definitely need a new one (or two!) for Spring.  Do you have a favourite?  Recommendations gratefully received.


19 thoughts on “Friday 5: My Favourite Yankee Candles

  1. I like the Home Sweet Home scent… and if you find the right version, it has knitting in the front picture!
    I order most of mine over the internet so I usually choose more by the picture than the scent. Does that sound weird?

  2. I am great at buying them, but not great at burning them. I have a drawer full of candles that I should either burn or donate. My favorite Yankee scent is something along the lines of Clean Cotton. But I saw recently they have Girl Scout cookie scents out, so I’m thinking I should go buy a Thin Mints car jar for my hubs, he loves the cookies.

    • Oh, I’d forgotten about Black Coconut – I had one last year and loved it. Must add it to my Yankee shopping list! Haven’t tried Lake Sunset, will have to look for that one, thank you. I struggle a bit with some of the Christmassy ones as many are pine based, and they just smell like loo cleaner to me!!

  3. I love Yankee Candles too. I know which is my favourite Christmassy one (Christmas Eve, but it was a close call between several) but have yet to decide on my other absolute favourites. I like the Cinnamon Stick (great for autumn and Christmas) and another one I haven’t had recently called Lady’s Slipper. I tried the Midnight Jasmine, but found it too ‘sharp’ for me and Christmas Cookie is lovely but I can only have it lit for a little while before it gets too heady and sweet. Oh dear, I am sounding very fussy! I like the sound of Waikiki Melon, so perhaps it will be next on my list. 🙂

    • Haven’t heard of Lady’s Slipper, will go and look it up – thank you. Not overkeen on Christmas Eve as it smells a bit piney, which always brings loo cleaner to mind for me!

      • It’s interesting how we all experience smells in different ways – I’m not fond of pine smelling things, and hadn’t noticed any pine notes in Christmas Eve! I haven’t seen Lady’s Slipper in the shops for a while, but hopefully it is on their website.

  4. I love candles full stop. Recently we had a power cut for about 4 hours. It felt very atmospheric burning candles all over the house but amazingly enough there wasn’t one overwhelming smell from any one. So here’s a question – is there a shelf life for the scent (was going to write smelliness) of candles?

  5. I am also a Yankee Candle Fan I have been for a number of years, the Midnight Jasmine is lovely, I have try the Waikki melon but it is on my wish list. I love fruity or baking aromas in the kitchen and the Christmas cookie smells just like baking,all sugary and yummy, I love our Yankee Candle store and can spend ages in there,I have candles and also use tarts in my burners,ideal if you dont have time to burn a candle for ages, great post.x

  6. I do love a Yankee Candle but prefer the medium sized jars as I find I can get bored with burning the same one for too long… I love the Lavendar and Lemon one especially although I haven’t had that for a while – maybe it’s time to treat myself.

    Victoria x

  7. Love that Christmas Cookie, I had that in my kitchen, heavenly! I prefer to put mine near a radiator rather than burning though, the cookie one lasted a good few years without burning and you could still smell it.

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