Video: Favourites – January 2015




10 thoughts on “Video: Favourites – January 2015

  1. Great vlog as always and I love the Yankee Candle collection behind you. I had a bit of a splurge at Ulta last weekend for my daughter’s birthday – I’ll share the products as soon as I’ve given her the package (she reads my blog so I don’t want to give the game away). Glad you’re feeling better and thanks for the lovely comment.

  2. Going to Gib tomorrow where make up and perfumes are really cheap (no VAT) so may treat myself to the foundation. I normally just wear a Clinique CC cream during the day but I am getting really worried about skin sun damage so perhaps I would be better off wearing a foundation. I presume it has a sun factor built in.

  3. I am also going to try that foundation next time – and I just got the Bed Head shampoo and conditioner…so I will keep you posted. I got to smell the new collection of Jo Malone perfumes….tudor/punk and others. 2 I loved, the other 3, erm not so much so I hope you can buy them individually and not only as a set. I kicked myself for not buying the foodie ones a few years ago!!

    • Oooh, I didn’t know there were new ones coming out. Just google and I really like the sound of the Lily of the Valley and Ivy one, and the birch and black pepper sounds interesting, too.

  4. I really enjoyed your vlog. That foundation looks wonderful, but is way out of my price range – not that I even wear foundation lol!?!
    I have extremely dry skin in the winter and have recently been using the B.Boosted Peptide Rich Elixir and B.Restored Night Cream from Superdrug which seem to be working a treat.

    • I’ve been using the B Restored night cream, too, and am impressed with it for the price. Thanks for the recommendation of the Elixir, will give that a go next time I run out of serum.

  5. Another interesting enjoyable vlog ,i like the look and sound of the Tigi Bead Head moisturiser and shampoo.In an attempt to get my hair to look like it does when ive just been to the hairdressers i have recently tried the Tigi Bed Head Motor Mouth volumiser with gloss.It comes in a pump dispenser as well,so i applied two pumps as instructed ,oh my god i could not get the brush through my hair when blow drying lol.It definately gave my hair volume and i am going to use it all the time as the volume lasted until my hair needed washing again but maybe only use one pump instead of two but would recommend 100%.
    Like the grey scarf you are wearing Caroline was that the one you got in London ? looks really nice. i need to get more think they are the perfect addition to any outfit .

    • Oooh, am going to add that Tigi Motor Mouth onto my wishlist – sounds just perfect for me. Thank you for the recommendation. Yes, the scarf is my Primark bargain – I’ve been wearing it with almost everything since the weather got so cold!

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